Favorite Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

This year, Matching Family Christmas PJs are a THING!

Seriously – they are everywhere. And they are amazing.

And they are adorable. And I want them all.


Before Christmas I was able to snag some amazing Nutcracker Family PJs for this season. And they are just too awesome NOT to share with the internet! Ha!


Being a #boymom I thought it was only appropriate that we all go to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads as we dress up at Nutcrackers all together.

Yes, Charles has a pair too.

No, I don’t think he will be joining in on the family christmas matching PJ fun for the internet.

But if that changes I will totally let you know.


Until then, I’ve got about a million photos of me and the boys in our Nutcracker finest. And I kid you not when I tell  you NONE of the pictures involve all 3 of us looking at the camera and/or smiling.


Why does no one want to cooperate for my matching family Christmas PJ’s photo shoot?


The struggle is real.


It’s really real.

Asking a 15 month old and a almost 3 year old to sit still for a second in time and look at a camera is apparently the worst possible thing in the entire world. And the hardest.

I don’t know why I put myself through it.


Seriously – all mommy wants for Christmas is a nice picture where everyone is LOOKING AT THE CAMERA AND SMILING.


Ok I give up.

But since it was so much fun shopping for our matching family christmas pjs, I thought it would be fun to round up my favorites you can shop for at the moment!

Which do you love?

Are you doing holiday pjs with your family? 



one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine 


Here’s an up-close, sans kids photo of my nutcracker finest. 

I sort of love it.

And this picture which everyone is sort of looking.

Happy Holidays!


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Santa, Baby

Hello blogworld!

I had another fun post planned today, but the day got away from me. I blame the children on that one.

So until I get that squared away, and a few minutes to myself to work on it, I wanted to pop on in and share this fun Santa shirt that I picked up that I am currently planning on wearing every day this Holiday season.

I think with having littles, it’s totally making me more festive this Christmas. And I am even more excited than they are for Christmas morning – I can’t WAIT for Brooks to tear into his mountain of presents.

Someone needs to take Amazon Prime away from me. It’s becoming a problem.


// santa shirt

Not to mention the fact that it’s only December 6th and I’ve already taken the kids to see Santa TWICE. We went on Saturday to the Santa Express and yesterday we did the Cherry Hill Mall Adventure to Santa {if you are local – GO! It’s free and they do an amazing job!}

Brooks walked in the room to see Santa the second time in a week and he walked up to him like they were old friends, immediately proclaiming “I’d like a Sky Jump, please”


// boys sweaters 

I’m excited to take them to see Santa again {maybe another 2-3 times, I know – I’m crazy!} and do ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS in Philadelphia! Macy’s Dickens Village, Comcast Light Show, Longwood Christmas – we are coming for ya!

If you are in the Philadelphia area – I’d love to know your favorite holiday activity! 

And do all my non-local friends, what do you love to do with the kids during this time of year? There is so much amazing holiday fun all over this time of year! I love it!


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West Chester Railroad – Santa Express

This weekend, Brooks  + Graham had a special voyage on the Pennsylvania version of the Polar Express, also known as The Santa Express on the West Chester Railroad!hi-santa

My mom had heard good things about it from her friends, so we decided to book tickets a while ago to check it out. I was excited to be able to do a daytime version of this – at 11 am – because my boys are still on a great 7pm bedtime routine, I want to keep that happening as long as possible!

So 11am Santa Express it was!


We got there early to load up on the train, get our seats and get comfortable. We enjoyed hot chocolate while we waited for the ride to start, but it was very timely! boys

Once we got moving the boys were LOVING the train ride. The loved looking out the window, taking in the sights and being able to move about in their seats.


And then musicians came down the aisle singing Christmas Carols – the boys were enamored with it all!


This was both of their faced when Santa made his way down the aisle.


Santa stopped to say hello to each child and then Mrs. Clause came on by with a mini candy cane for everyone as well. Brooks and Graham were both wide eyed looking at Santa – Brooks was a little excited and Graham was pretty skeptical.


The train ride was about 30 minutes or so to the Glen Mills stop, which is where everyone got off the train to say hello to Santa for a photo op.


This was the boys first Santa experience { this year } and we were the first ones off the train so we got to see him first. It was a little quick and I don’t think either of them were ready for it! Graham was NOT having it and Brooks gave him the side eye. side-eye

The train was full but the line for Santa went really quick as everyone could just easily snap their own pictures. We let the boys run around outside while everyone else had a turn and then managed to sneak in one quick little session again – at least both the boys got in the picture.

They both look very skeptical, but Brooks asked for what he wants for Christmas – the Sky Jump, wah! – so that was really sweet. Graham just sat there pretty much stone faced, but again he didn’t cry so that was good!  skeptical

On the way home, Graham was a little feisty as he was hungry and getting tired for his nap. But he enjoyed the music on the way home and I think we got back quicker, which was good too !



All in all it was a lovely day at the West Chester Railroad – I highly recommend checking out the Santa Express if you are in the area and have littles like Brooks and Graham.

They loved it and it was really well done! Not to mention the railroad is 100% volunteer operated  {everyone was amazing} and we enjoyed a lovely ride through Chester Creek Valley on a beautiful day! twins

Check out our twinning:  gaga  + mom’s sweaters / boys sweaters – you got to love a good holiday deer sweater!
What’s your favorite holiday tradition? I have a feeling the Santa Express might become one of ours!


Side Note: This post is not sponsored in any way. We paid for our tickets, I just wanted to share our experience!


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Duster Cardigan Favorites


Alila  Lace Necklace {on sale} / booties {similar}

This weather has been a little crazy lately. It’s been unseasonably warm {now for December! When did that happen?!} and then downright cold, windy, rainy – I feel like we’ve almost had 4 seasons the past month!

But it’s been a nice excuse to do one of my favorite things – LAYER!


sweater / top / jeans {on sale!} /

Genevieve necklace 3 in 1 / peep toe booties

I love to layer and combine a few different beautiful pieces together in a fun new way. Layering can really change up your look and can easily take a plain top or a dress and make it special.

Layering with jewelry is obviously a personal favorite of mine.

But my new obsession is layering with a long, light duster cardigan to change up a look.


Duster CardiganAlila  Lace Necklace {on sale} / shirt dress / booties 

It’s nice to have an extra layer during this season because the cold can come and go, but a nice little light addition to your look can really make an outfit pop, especially if you do it with a fun colored duster cardigan.

Like this gorgeous blue.


Top / Arc Pendant 

I also enjoy the chunky sweater dusters for a more relaxed look because sometimes its nice to just cozy up and wrap yourself in a bit of a hug.

Also, duster cardigans pair nicely with pretty much everything you already own – skirts, dresses, skinny jeans and fun booties!



I did a little research and pulled together a few of my favorite duster cardigans at the moment.

Check them out and let me know what you think!




one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight 



Are you a duster cardigan lover? 

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