When to Say No to a Race


please enjoy this photo of Brooks

as he’s done more running than I have lately 


So, it’s truth time over here on the blog.

I’m signed up to run the 10 mile Broad Street Run on this Sunday

{which I’ve run in the past}

It’s been part of my 2016 Race Calendar since the beginning and I’ve been looking forward to running it.

But the truth of the matter is,

I haven’t run since the Hot Chocolate 15k

{which was 1 whole month ago!}


Ok, that’s a bit of a white lie because I did run 4.5 miles {once} while on vacation in Mexico. But it wasn’t really so much real running as it was jogging for every 0.50 miles and then walking + chugging water.

I blame the 90% humidity and the all-inclusive, open bar for that. #sorryimnotsorry

So I made the executive decision this week to defer my Broad Street Race until 2017.

**at least I think I did, the process wasn’t 100% clear **

It was a bit of a bummer, because I have been planning on + wanting to run it for some time. I’ve been running and training, with Broad Street as my end goal since January – since 10 miles is all I can really wrap my mind around training for right now.

I know I could do it if I wanted to, I acknowledge that I am blessed with athletic ability and I also spend my days walking 6+ miles with the boys all over the city. So I’m confident that I could pull 10 miles out – it just wouldn’t be pretty.

And knowing that it wouldn’t be pretty even before the morning of the race, doesn’t really excite me.

Sure, I know I could run the race, cross the finish line and get my medal.

But I could also risk injuring myself {as I know I’m not prepared to run this} and I am 99.9% sure I would feel awful the entire time doing it.

So why do it?

Honestly, I would rather spend the morning rolling around with my littles, having Sunday breakfast with my family.

Honestly, training for anything {sometimes working out in general} is hard with two babies.

Honestly, some days {more often than not actually}, working out is at the absolute bottom of my priority list.

Honestly, part of me really wanted to run this race solely because I had committed to doing it online.

Don’t get me wrong – I love to run.

I love to sweat, I love to be outside, I love to be active, I love taking care of myself in that way.

But the two littles can make taking time for myself a little logistically challenging. But at the same time, I want to make the effort because I want to show them how important putting yourself first and living a healthy life is.

But, at the same time again, when there are a million and one things that need to get done in the house, we have no food in the fridge and I have other work things going on, sometimes the ability to take an hour to myself to run isn’t always an option {factor in nursing + nap time and the percentage goes down even more!}

I still plan to continue my effort to run a race a month for 2016 – now I’m looking for on this month! Know any?

Knowing when to say no to a race was hard, but I’m glad I made the right decision for me.

vacay run


Have you ever had to say No to a race?

Any tips on training with babes? Please share!


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Crumbolicious #ShareCake Giveaway


Happy Thursday!

I have a tasty treat for you today!  I am excited to partner with Crumbolicious to share a Mother’s Day treat with you! But first can we talk about the fact that Mother’s Day is next weekend – time is flying by way too fast! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I want to know who YOU would #ShareCake with this Mother’s Day.

A Crumbolicious cake to be exact!


I had the very hard job {haha, not really} of trying out the amazing chocolate chip crumb cake that was sent to me right before we went on vacation last week. I decided to get the cake so that my parents could have it while they stayed at our house, as they were first in line to stay with the boys while Charles and I were in Mexico – I thought it would be a nice treat that they would enjoy. My parents love their sweets, as do I! But since I was the one doing the blog review, obviously I had to have a little piece myself!


OMG I’m so glad I did because this cake was a little slice of heaven. It was soft, moist, delicious, the perfect amount of sweetness and the chocolate chips were an amazing added touch to the crumb cake recipe.


Crumbolicious cakes and treats are baked from scratch with love and shipped right to your door – giving mom {or anyone in your life who needs a little gift} some free time to sit and enjoy a treat! No mess in the kitchen, no counter to clean, just get out a fork and enjoy!

And if you want to send a cake for mother’s day – there’s still time! The latest day for ordering online is May 4th to make sure it’s delivered in time for mom’s special day!


Up for grabs today is an amazing Crumbolicious Cake of your choosing – pick from: apple crumb cake, blueberry crumb cake, butter pecan crumb cake, chocolate chip crumb cake, chocolate crumb cake, or classic crumb cake!

It will be sent out before Mother’s Day as well – would be fun to win one for mom!

To enter leave a comment, letting me know what cake you would choose – and who you would like to #sharecake with! Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below as well {must to both to enter!}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends Sunday, May 1 / Winner will be notified via email

About Crumbolicious: Crumbolicious cakes are hand baked with love by Dolores Oesterle; using her mother’s original recipe for the classic crumb cake, Crumbolicious has now expanded into cookies, cupcakes, breads and a wide variety of treats. Using the same ingredients you would at home, these treats are free from preservatives and shipped the same day they are baked! Crumbolicious cakes and treats make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the holidays, engagements, baby showers, and as a great midnight snack for your son or daughter at college – Crumbolicious is there for every special moment, celebration and family event – just like mom, they are full of love and always there when you need it!

 I was NOT compensated for this post.
But I was sent the product shown for review.


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On Balancing Mommy-Hood + a Sick Just Got Real Giveaway

Being a mom is no joke. It takes everything + anything – you will give things you didn’t even know you had to give. You will dig deep, wonder what your life has come to, drink all the wine and never pee alone again!

I remember what my life was life before I had kids {not that I would change having them for anything, obviously they are keepers} BUT you seriously don’t think about all that ‘free time’ when you just have it!

Go get my nails done whenever I wanted? Sure!

Hit up Target and wander around the aisles, try anything on? Why not!

Meet friends for dinner + drinks any night on a moments notice? Let’s do it

Now {because I’m a planner and efficiency is key with two littles} everything is timed out, mapped out and has a deadline. A Target run in between naps, nursing + bedtime is quick and dirty { and we pull out every toy to entertain the littles} Dinner is usually in the early bird special timeframe – we can hit up a happy hour, as long as it’s stellar friendly, I bring all the toys, endless snack options and we are in and out in 45 minutes!  Sure, I have help from my mom + MIL that allow me a little more flexibility than most {love you two! } So I know on the days they are over, that’s when I grocery shop, do the laundry, clean the house and sneak in a mani/pedi when I can.

BUT when the littles get sick it’s a whole new ballgame! I’ve been pooped on, peed on, vomited on {constantly} but none of that matters because you just want the babes to feel better {but I will enjoy the extra cuddly sick cuddles!}


Want to win a $25 Visa gift card to treat yourself or the mom in your life {because every mom deserves a little extra spoiling!}

Leave a comment below sharing your favorite mom moment!


When sick hits the fan, your needs come last. But a mom can dream, right? Be sure to check out the Sick Just Got Real video for a good laugh. It’s no joke when the littles get sick, and as mom’s we will do anything to make them feel better, but still -> I am currently dreaming about the faucet that gives out red {or white!} wine into Mommy’s Sippy Cup!  Something you seriously need after dealing with a sick little! #AMomCanDream


“The video and gift card have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.”



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Vacation Style

We are officially back to reality – back from our amazing trip {baby-free} to Mexico.  It was a much needed trip and we missed the babes, but at the same time I think it is good for everyone to have a little time away, plus it’s good to teach the babes to be flexible with other people caring for them! All good things!

We both had so much fun, I’m currently missing my afternoon mojitos – and the fact that I didn’t have to cook or clean for a week. THAT was magical – and the food was legit! I honestly didn’t know what to do with all that extra time only to worry about myself! I actually had time to get dressed, do my hair, and look nice, without a little rushing me.

I had fun sharing my different looks for dinner every night via Instagram and I had lots of questions about where my outfits were from so I thought it would be fun to do a little roundup of everything. Most of these looks are current, there are a few pieces that are a little older {some I picked up in Greece on our honeymoon} but if I couldn’t find the exact thing, I did find something similar!

Check out my looks and let me know what you think!

vacation stylelaugh

// dress, wedges


Close up of the dress + arm party

itza jump

// shorts, top, sandals, sunglasses, fedora


// dresswedges, earrings


// dress, shoes 
dress print

// dress, necklace


wore this dress again last night, here’s a close-up of the print, I’m obsessed

// dress {via trunk club}, wedges , necklace

// dress {via trunk club}, wedges , earrings


// kimono wrap, top, shorts


Do you have a favorite go-to vacation look?

Please share!


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