San Francisco Travel Reccomendations

** ADVANCE FOR MONDAY, JUNE 2 **A restored neon sign glows from the Ferry Building at dusk in San Francisco, April 24, 2003. The Ferry Building, a long-neglected landmark at the foot of Market Street where ferryboat commuters have shuffled through darkened corridors for years, has reopened as a bright new attraction for tourists and food lovers. The historic building is the latest in a transformation of the city's waterfront, which has blossomed since the quake-damaged Embarcadero Freeway was torn down.(AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

So as I mentioned in my – on weaning baby #2 post – we are packing up and heading out on a kid-free vacation in San Francisco in a few weeks! We are traveling with another couple and are all so excited, as we’ve never been to California {except for the airport} so it should be a good time. I’m REALLY pumped!

That being said, we are in the process of planning out our trip and mapping out our days to get the best use of our time there. We are going for 5 nights so we have a good bit of time to be out and about – But if you’ve never been somewhere before, it can be a little overwhelming as to where to start!

I wanted to put it out there to my fabulous blog readers for recommendations! We are looking for suggestions on places we should eat, visit, things to do.

We have Friday, Saturday + Sunday to fill up with plans and we have a all day wine tour of Sonoma already on the schedule. Don’t you worry, we WILL be hitting up wine country! Ha! Should we do Alcatraz? Redwoods?

Any favorite places to eat? What about any wineries you suggest we should hit up?

I would LOVE any suggestions you may have!



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Trunk Club #4 Review – Part 2

I’m back today with Part 2 of my latest Trunk! Like I said before, I take a ton of photos with each review, so it’s a lot for me to get it all together in one post – not to mention, it’s a LOT for you too! I enjoyed spacing this one out and breaking it down in two post, especially because it’s 10 items!

To get caught up on Part 1 of this Trunk, check out yesterday’s post!


And if you want to get caught up, check out my previous Trunk Club posts:

my first Trunk  / Second Trunk Club  / Third Trunk {before our trip to Mexico!}

About Trunk Club: If you are interested in signing up for  Trunk Club yourself – please use my referral link and let me know what you think! Trunk Club is a part of Nordstrom, so you get amazing customer service and great quality brands you know and love. It’s $25 to get a trunk full of goodies and you can use that $25 towards anything you want to keep – so it’s pretty much free in my eyes! When you sign up for a trunk you get a stylist and you tell her what you are looking for – you are then sent a preview of what is going to be sent your way, which you can accept, remove and comment on what you like and don’t like so your trunk gets personalized towards you, before being sent your way! I love the little sneak peek, but seriously, who doesn’t love a giant box of clothing arriving at your front door?!


First up is the Sleeveless Lace Dress, which I wasn’t sure of when I first pulled out of the box, but I sort of dig it on.  I don’t have any immediate need for a dress like this, but isn’t that always the case? You can never find anything when you actually need it and when you don’t have a reason for a new dress, they are everywhere!


Alila Lace Cuff / Heels 


I love the burgundy lace with the nude and the black bow neck detail – I think it’s a really beautiful dress.


I thought it would be fun to pair the dress with the Over the Knee boots, I also received in this trunk, and I think it looks really cool. Makes it more Fall for sure! And even though the boots are brown and the dress has a black bow detail, I think the burgundy totally brings it all together! Do you agree?


Throw on a jean jacket to dress the look down and you are good to go!


Here’s a better look at the dress, the detail is really beautiful – what do you think about it?



Next is the Plaid Button Shirt in white + black. I really love the style and colors of this – such an easy look for Fall. You seriously can’t go wrong with this, throw on a fun statement necklace and you are good to go! plaid

This is so comfortable and I really think I would wear it a lot – the price is just a little high for me, as I think I could get something very similar on sale.



And then I got  the crewneck lightweight cashmere sweater in red/pink – it comes in a ton of other colors, but this was a really fun one for me. I think this is a great color for all seasons. Paired with some perforated flats I also received in this fix {more on them below} and I think it’s a cute, stylish, easy look. pink

Seriously, this is a great color. I’m just a little on the fence about the material, since I stay home with the boys, the cashmere sort of intimidates me a bit! Anyone else feel like that?


Ah! And I tried it with the plaid button down underneath, and I thought that was a fun little color pop too – what do you think of this look together?



And the last piece of clothing is this wool + cashmere funnel neck sweater, which also comes in a bunch of other colors + patterns.


I’m not really a turtle neck person AT.ALL. So this isn’t my favorite. I’m also not loving the wool + cashmere blend, because it’s a bit fancy for me and it’s so damn hot! I’m sweating typing about it. Doesn’t help that it’s 80* here in Philly, but still.

It did look cute paired with a scarf and/or a statement necklace though.


Item #10 from this Trunk are these Vince Camuto Perforated Flats – they come in a bunch of other colors too. This brushed metal/gold is really beautiful. And I’m in love with the Vince Camuto brand, they fit my feet perfectly.

Sadly, I’m not much of a pointed-toe shoe person anymore. I would LOVE these in a different shape – would be so cute as the perforation is gorgeous. What do you think about them?


So there you have it – 10 amazing Trunk Club/Nordstrom items that showed up at my doorstep. I got to try everything on, style it up and have a fun little photo shoot. If you don’t have much time to shop, don’t like shopping or find shopping with your children pretty much the worst form of torture –  Trunk Club might be for you!Please use my referral link if you sign up and let me know if you have any questions!
Now’s the fun part – what should I keep?


What Should I Keep from Trunk #4? free polls

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for checking out my review!



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Trunk Club #4 Review – Part 1

Happy Monday!

I’m here to share with you a fun Trunk Club trunk I received over the weekend! I hadn’t received one in a while so thought it would be fun to see what sort of fun Fall fun would arrive in this big box! Just in time to score some new pretties for our upcoming kid-free vacation to San Francisco – which is what I asked for clothes for! trunk

And if you want to get caught up, check out my previous Trunk Club posts:

my first Trunk  / Second Trunk Club  / Third Trunk {before our trip to Mexico!}

And if you are interested in signing up for  Trunk Club yourself – please use my referral link and let me know what you think! Trunk Club is a part of Nordstrom, so you get amazing customer service and great quality brands you know and love. It’s $25 to get a trunk full of goodies and you can use that $25 towards anything you want to keep – so it’s pretty much free in my eyes! When you sign up for a trunk you get a stylist and you tell her what you are looking for – you are then sent a preview of what is going to be sent your way, which you can accept, remove and comment on what you like and don’t like so your trunk gets personalized towards you, before being sent your way! I love the little sneak peek, but seriously, who doesn’t love a giant box of clothing arriving at your front door?!

Side Note : For this trunk I am splitting it up in 2 posts – part 1 today and part 2 tomorrow! I received 10 items total in this trunk and split up 5 and 5 in each post to show some different ways to wear the items + there were WAY too many pictures to put in one post, so stay tuned for the rest of what’s in this trunk tomorrow.


First up is this Pleat Jersey Midi Skirt  – which comes in 2 colors. jersey

How I Styled This Look:  top / 2 in 1 Harper necklace / Alila Lace Cuff / shoes 


I am actually on the hunt for more skirts in my life. I think they are awesome for all seasons. This skirt I was surprised about when I pulled it out of the box. I definitely don’t have anything like this in my closet. The material is really different, along with the pleats its a stand out skirt for sure.


I wanted to try to dress this look up and down a bit and I think just a touch of good accessories really did that. A fun statement necklace up top for a night out, and a great scarf + jean jacket combo to make it a little easier to wear during the day.


How I Styled This Look:  top / Reversible Infinity Scarf denim jacket {similar} / shoes 


I really love the color of this skirt – it’s even more beautiful in person, more of a purple, grey-blue situation. Simply gorgeous.


Thoughts on the midi pleated skirt trend? Are you a fan?



Next up is the Wildest Dreams Slipdress – it comes in 3 different color patterns. Ok, so about this look – I think it’s a little more spring than fall, it’s very light material, so you really need to layer it up a bit. But it’s 80* today here in Philly so what do I know about the seasons? Ha. purple-dress

This ‘dress’ is a difficult length for me. It’s on the cusp of being too short, but I paired them with a pair of over the knee boots {more on them below} that I also received in this trunk and I think it really works and makes the length a little less of an issue. Would also be easy to wear tights or leggings with as well.


Fun Fact: I also am wearing this dress backwards {on purpose} because is has this large slit in the “front” and I wasn’t really sure to do in terms of a bra that you wouldn’t be able to see everything {because you could, no matter what I tried} But I think the opening in the back really works and you can’t tell – maybe it’s reversible? Ha.


Paired with a denim jacket and I think it makes it a very sweet look for Fall. Maybe throw on a burgundy scarf and you are good to go pumpkin picking!


Overall, I think this is a cute dress, but not really sure it’s functional for me – see the slit down the middle in the photo below? Anyone have styling tips for that? Would love to hear what you would do!



Third out of the Trunk is this Marilyn Sweater  – it also comes in a gorgeous grey. This is warm, cozy and screams Fall to me – I love the subtle, off the shoulder but not – look. This is just an easy autumnal look you can wear straight into winter.


I really love how this sweater feels – it’s a chenille blend and feels so soft and amazing. Sort of like a sweatshirt, but not. Way better than a sweatshirt, but not. Ha. I clearly can’t describe it, but I like it! Paired with the gorgeous 3 in 1 Genevieve necklace and you are ready to go!


Because the colors went together, I also tried it on with the slip dress for a different look. I thought it was pretty cute and unexpected – what do you think? Would you wear it?



Here’s a up-close picture of the sweater, so you can see the light blue + grey speckles. Don’t you just want to cozy up in this thing right now?!



Fourth piece from this Trunk is the Brentwood Cotton Cardigan – it comes in 2 colors. This piece was immediately a little overwhelming for me. It’s a LOT of material, possibly too much. It’s defiantly oversized and meant to be that way, I think you really have to style it right for it to work.


I tried it on over the slip dress again and I think it gives it a cool look – they are both the Free People brand, which is why I tried them on together. Even with leggings or skinny jeans, this thing is very large.


I think these pictures make it look cooler than it actually is. I didn’t really feel good wearing it – I felt a little disheveled, not put together, so I don’t think this is a win for me. Maybe if I sized down it might work better. But I have similar pieces in my closet that fit me better.

Do you like the oversized jacket look?


The fifth piece out of part 1 of this Trunk reveal are the Canton Over the Knee Boot  – they come in 5 colors and I sort of want them all. I have another pair of OTN boots that I’m obsessed with, but they are a little higher heel. These from Trunk Club are a completely different color and shorter heel, making me feel like I would wear them more for everyday. I’m also thinking they might be perfect for our trip to San Francisco, since – as you’ve seen here – I can wear them with jeans, dresses, whatever. I think I’m in love.

Are you into the Over the Knee look this season?boots

Ok, so that’s part 1 of my Trunk Club reveal for this trunk. Like I said, they send you so many items and I take so many pictures, it would be a MASSIVE post if I put it all in one! So stay tuned to see what else I got in my latest Trunk!

Here’s a little sneak peek:


What do you think of my latest Trunk so far? 

What’s your favorite piece? What do you think I should keep? Please share!

And don’t forget, if you want to try out Trunk Club for yourself, be sure to use my referral link!



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How To Wear: Olive Green Military Vest

So I don’t think it’s a surprise at all when I put it out there and say that I love fashion. I love clothes, I love wearing them different ways and styling them! I’ve been sharing my different outfits and looks on Instagram for a while now, but I thought it would be fun to bring some styling fun to the blog every once and a while!

I have a long list of some of my favorite “basics” and I want to work on sharing different ways I wear and style them! How does that sound to you? And if you have any requests, feel free to send them my way and I’ll be sure to work on some styling tips for you! how-two-wear

First up is this Olive Green Military Vest – or Utility vest, not sure 100% what is the right way to call it, but all I know is that I wear mine ALL.THE.TIME. It’s such an easy piece to throw on pretty much everything, and I love how it can really change up a look. Plus, adding a bit of a waist {and pockets!} when you might otherwise not have one, along with some added bum coverage {especially when you are wearing leggings} is always a good thing in my opinion!

Here are three different ways I’ve worn my green vest in the past few weeks – with a dress, with jeans and with leggings:dress

vest {similar} / dress / necklace / shoes 

First up is with a dress – I think this is my most unexpected pairing as it was something I wasn’t planning on doing but thought it would be fun to just try out. I think the green in the vest and the military vibe to it, really brings down dressiness of the dress and makes it was more casual, yet put together.

I love the utility look paired with the aztec dress and some boho jewels – one might think it’s a little all over the place when you say it like that, but I think it totally works! I think the green vest is a totally surprising neutral that goes with so many things !


Another unexpected pairing is the vest with some really fun printed leggings. Again, the print on these leggings are all over the place, but I think the neutral black top + boots, paired with the muted vest bring it all together and calms it down a bit.


Worn with my customized Onecklace – I really enjoyed this comfortable look!

And how amazing is this personalized piece? I love the #BrooksandGraham hashtag – it’s a really fun piece to wear and it’s just so special to me – love my boys!


And back to the green vest! Finally I thought it would be fun to use the neutral green to go along with a fun plaid – the effortless green in the vest makes the blue really pop! If I do say so myself!


vest {similar} / plaid shirt / bucket bag {on sale!} / jeans / necklacebooties


Seriously, if you need me this season, I will probably be wearing THIS!


Here are some of my favorite olive green military vest out there at the moment – some are even on sale! If you don’t have one of these, I would defiantly recommend adding one to your wardrobe as I really think they can be worn SO MANY different ways and really change up a look!



one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine 


Are you a Olive Green Army Vest lover?

What’s your favorite way to wear it?

Please share!



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