Friday Favorites: Statement Sleeves Under $50

It’s Friday! We made it!
I’ve got another fun weekend on the horizon, and I hope you do too! Stella + Dot Trunk Shows, date night, hanging with friends, a visit to the Easter bunny – it’s gonna be a fun ‘lil weekend. I hope it doesn’t go by too quick!
 I’m also excited because we are doing a spring family photoshoot in a few weeks, and obviously I’m already outfit planning. I am sort of really loving all the fun statement sleeves out there at the moment – I’m thinking about working that into my wardrobe and it might be cute for our photos, right? Clearly, I need a new outfit because #rules -the boys are getting new clothes, so it only seems fair. You got to keep it fair, ladies.
SO! Here are some of my favorite statement sleeve picks at the moment, and they are all under $50 so that’s pretty sweet. I was going to just tell you my top two favorites, but looking at them all again, I really love them all. Plus they all look so comfortable! Going to have to try a few of these one for research!
Check out my picks and let me know what you think!

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight 


Are you a fan of the statement sleeve trend?

Yes, No, Maybe So?


International {Fried Chicken +} Waffles Day

I interrupt your regular programing for this very important announcement: This Saturday, March 25th is…

International Waffle Day!

I don’t know about you, but I love when important things like waffles can be celebrated. I enjoy it even more when I get invited to try out some new menu items in honor of the celebrated holiday!

Waffles for everyone!

My family and I were invited over to the Grand Lux Cafe last week to try out some of their new brunch menu items. I was pretty pumped to get dressed up for a family brunch. Even more excited to bust out this top with these boots!

Totally a brunch-friendly, look – right?

Outfit Details: Top / Jeans / Over the Knee Boots / Quill Drop Earrings

I had been to Grand Lux Cafe once before, but this was my first time with the littles. I was excited when we sat down and they were immediately given a little craft toy to play with – Wikki Stix! Brooks was entertained by these things the whole meal, and we still have them! So nice for a restaurant to change it up from the classic favorite of a coloring sheet {which is always awesome too!}

Brooks requested pancakes for breakfast so the littles split a short stack, which was very large. He was pretty much in heaven.

While the littles enjoyed their meal I enjoyed a Sparkling Spanish Rose. What’s brunch without a cocktail, right?

Prosecco, Sangria + Strawberries, yum.

It tasted like I should be on a beach vacation.

Cheers to that!

Next up, the hubs put me in charge of our order. I went with my go-to brunch favorite – Huevos Rancheros – Crispy Corn Tortillas Topped with Black Beans, Sauteed Peppers and Onions, Fried Eggs, Cheddar Cheese and our Spicy Ranchero Sauce.

Serious yum. It’s my favorite. Would probably have this for every meal, every day if I could. Love it.

And because we were celebrating International Waffle Day { a little early}, we just HAD to try out the Fried Chicken and Waffles – Topped with Crispy Fried Chicken Strips and Pecans Served With Maple-Butter Sauce.

Graham was instantly a fan.

The last time I had chicken and waffles was when I was on the Destination DC trip. I loved it then and I loved it now!

Sweet, savory and delicious. This dish always surprises me by how tasty it is, even though I know how much I love it. If you have never had chicken + waffles, be sure to add it to your to-do list!

After that we were all pretty full and the kids were ready to wrap up the meal and I was stuffed! So much yummy food!

Thanks so much to Grand Lux Cafe in Cherry Hill for having us, it was tasty + delicious! If you live near by a Grand Lux Cafe, be sure to try out their weekend brunch menu {especially the Fried Chicken & Waffles!} Remember International Waffle Day is coming up on this Saturday March 25th so be sure to celebrate!

What’s your favorite brunch order?

I’d love to hear it! 

And did I mention these boots are on super sale? Treat ‘yo self – you can thank me later!

Outfit DetailsTop / Jeans / Over the Knee Boots / Quill Drop Earrings

2017 Philadelphia Flower Show – Holland, Flowering the World

Last week I got to enjoy a super special mama’s morning out – to the Philadelphia Flower Show! Brooks was in school, my parents came down to the city to look after Graham + my neighbor, Kelly + I snuck away from the littles for a day among the blooms!

For a little fun, check out my recaps from previous Flower show visits: 2016 Flower Show – Explore National Parks / 2013 Flower Show  – Brilliant! / 2012 Flower Show – Hawaii

If you aren’t from the Philadelphia area, the Flower Show is a pretty big deal around these parts. It takes over the Convention Center in Philadelphia for a week or so and it showcases flowers in beautiful unique ways.

Hundreds of flowers hanging from the ceiling?

Sure, why not.

Each year, there is a different theme that corresponds with the actual Flower Show. In years past they have done National Parks, London, Hawaii and more! It’s always so unique and getting to experience different parts of the world via floral decor is really fun.

This year’s theme was Holland and the designers did an incredible job transporting each Flower Show visitor straight to the Netherlands! 

Tulips everywhere, bikes to highlight the beautiful cycling paths, windmills and more! I especially love the bridges over water!

I think it’s pretty clear that no mater how many pictures I took, nothing would really be the same as actually being there – smelling the flowers, listening to the music, enjoying the crowds. But I thought it was worth it to share a little bit of my Flower Show experience with you, because it was an absolute blast and I love being able to look back at previous years shows! 

And because you KNOW I couldn’t go to the Flower Show and NOT wear floral {#rules}

Outfit Details: Jacket {similar} / Floral Top / Sloane Bag

Here are some more of my favorite snaps from this year’s Flower Show.

I’d love to know if you went and what you thought! And if you aren’t local, do they do anything like this in your area? Please share! 
And a special thanks to my friends at FTD for hooking me up with tickets to this year’s Flower Show! I’m so excited I was able to go {especially baby-free! #momwin} and enjoy all the Flower Show with my friend! We had an absolute blast and can’t wait for “Wonders of Water” in 2018!

Casual Monday + First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring!

I have to say, it’s turned out to be a lovely day in Philadelphia. Sure, we still have some mounds of snow on the ground and I totally slipped on some ice while out for a walk this morning, but now it’s almost 50* outside, and when you are standing in the sunshine, you can feel Spring {and Summer! } on the horizon!

Outfit Details: Denim Jacket {similar + on sale!}/ Sunglasses / Top / Leggings {similar + under $10}/ Shoes 

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that we had a crazy weekend. A little impromptu weekend away to check out the grand opening of a new waterpark resort, NBD…Actually, it was a super big deal, so much fun and I can’t wait to share more with you about our weekend away!

More on that later, but today I wanted to share with you my casual Monday look + celebrate for a moment that spring has sprung and warmer weather is on the way! Crossing my fingers it’s about time to pack up the winter jackets and snow boots. I’m over them and am totally ready to bust out my spring wardrobe {and add to it!}

 I am a HUGE fan of spring + fall – not sure which one I like better, probably whichever is sooner. Sure, summer is awesome – but now as a mom with a little in school a few days a week, I’m interested to see how the summer months go when he doesn’t have that consistency of class with his teacher! Need to start planning out those summer activities ASAP to keep the littles busy.

I just love the spring + fall months before it gets way too hot or way too cold. The in-between weather is juuuuuust right for me. Don’t need a jacket or aren’t sweating the second you step foot outside. A little warm, but at the same time, a little cool. That’s my favorite. Usually the spring + fall months go by wayyyyy to fast, so I’m hoping this season, they will stick around for a little while so we can enjoy it!

So this casual Monday is all about regrouping after a crazy + eventful weekend, mapping out the week and crossing my finger for Spring to get here sooner than later, so we can all enjoy it for a bit!

Happy Monday folks, lets go get after this week!

The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

So a few weeks ago, Charles and I had a night out to go see the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience in Philadelphia. This was Charles’ big Christmas present that I got his this year – I don’t know about you, but the men in my life {minus the littles} are so hard to shop for! So instead of buying another sweater he doesn’t need and won’t really care about, I love to treat the hubs to fun nights out! 

When I first found out that Game of Thrones was putting together a traveling concert that would be coming to Philadelphia for one night only, obviously I knew I had to be in attendance. The hubs and I are both huge fans, we’ve seen all the episodes in the series, Charles has even read all the books!

Behold, the actual Game of Thrones, Iron Throne!

{insert me geeking out, here>

So what is the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience, you might ask. I know I did – Charles did too. 

It’s a night of Game of Thrones that features Ramin Djawadi, who responsible for the score in the theme song. If you are familiar with GOT, it’s the opening song, very powerful.

Ramin Djawadi was there performing on various instruments, along with a full orchestra and other main instrumentalists that play key musical parts in the Game of Thrones sound. He chatted between various songs with us, sharing insight and information about the music and the show.

If you aren’t a Thrones fan, I’m sure you’ve stopped reading by now, or have no idea what I’m talking about, but the concert took you on a story through the various houses and key moments in the series, leading with the music, but also sharing the seasons {winter is coming} of the show. Large moving screens played parts of the show sequences to go along with the music.

And you can bet there was fire!

When I booked the tickets, I really didn’t know what I was signing us up for but I knew that a night out can take a lot of planning and effort sometimes, in terms of childcare – ha, so I wanted to make sure we had good seats. I scored us floor seats – up close and personal with Ramin + the other musicians, and they were awesome.
#thisclose to the stage! Boom!

And along with the great seats, we got to be in on the action. We got to see the beautiful costumes representing the Wildlings, White Walkers, the Red Woman and inspiration behind the High Sparrow {#nerdalert}The different music that has been created for the various cast of characters for the show really set different tones and it was so amazing to be able to hear it by the original composer with an actual orchestra behind him.

Really beautiful stuff.

And I was trying to do research online to find out this soloists’ name, but came up short. She was incredible!

Here’s the set list I was able to dig up online:

  1. Main Title
  2. (Unknown)
  3. Goodbye Brother
  4. What Is Dead May Never Die
  5. The Rains of Castamere
  6. Reign
  7. Dracarys
  8. Son of the Harpy
  9. Mhysa
  10. Needle
  11. Light of the Seven
  12. The Winds of Winter
  13. The Bear and the Maiden Fair

It was a great night and I’m glad I was able to snap some pictures to share the night with you! If you are a fan and it’s coming to a venue near you, be sure to check it out, totally worth it!

Babysitters Club + Butcher Bar Philly

Over the weekend, Charles and I got a surprise night out! We do a ‘babysitters club’ with our neighbors on our block. We all have young kids who go to sleep about the same time and {knock on wood} sleep through the night. So we decided a while back to each take turns sitting for the other so we could all get a night out every once in a while without having to pay a sitter!

Genius right?

Outfit Details: Jacket {similar / similar – on sale!} / Ponte Pants {obsessed with these} / Booties {on sale!} / Arabesque Earrings {50% off} / Blu-Red LipSense 

This is one main reason why I never want to leave the city. It’s so amazing! We’ve made a calendar of sorts and we all usually get a extra ‘date night’ once a month. The ladies pick a weekend that we all have free and then one couple gets Friday night, another gets Saturday and another gets Sunday night. 

And we are all on the same block so it is as easy as walking out the door and taking 5 steps to the neighbors house.

So last night, Charles and I got a little night on the town. We initially weren’t sure where we wanted to make reservations for, but decided to try out Butcher Bar at our neighbors suggestion. It just opened in September, so it was still pretty new – I was excited for all.the.meat!

The atmosphere in this place is really cool. I was digging the vibe the second I stepped in the door.

And as you can guess, by the name of the restaurant and the decor – meat was going to be on the menu tonight! I enjoy their tagline:

Artisanal Butchers of Quality Meats and Purveyors of Slow-Smoked BBQ

The second you walk in you can smell the smokiness from the BBQ and it’s kind of amazing.

If I’m being honest, I have to say that I definitely could have bellied up to the bar and enjoyed my evening. It’s right there when you first walk in the door and it’s super inviting. Not to mention that their Old Fashioned cocktails {my favorite} came highly recommended to me, so I was excited to give one a try!

But I’m glad we got actual seats because I got to see more of the restaurant, which is actually really sizable. They have two different seats area upstairs, and I was told they are going to be opening up a covered outside seating area as well, very soon. Lots of space in a restaurant in the city, I dig it.

We got to our table and immediately ordered cocktails – Old Fashioned for me, Manhattan for the hubs. It did not disappoint.

They had some really good looking drinks on their featured cocktail menu, which I would love to try another time, but I like to go with my go-to!

Next, we started our meal! First up is the Pretzel Monkey Bread – complete with spicy beer mustard, cheddar cheese sauce, sea salt.

This was delicious. Amazing way to start the meal and SO.GOOD.

Next we had the Roasted Cauliflower + Brussels sprouts {because I figured it would be a good idea to squeeze a vegetable or two in the mix} – this was a classic mix of parmesan, lemon, balsamic reduction. Yum!

And then we started on the meatballs. Any restaurant that has an entire meatball section on their menu is definitely a place I want to be eating at.

There were a few different meatball options to choose from but we picked two to try out. First we tried The American – buffalo chicken, creamy blue cheese hot sauce, buttermilk ranch, scallions.

This was insanely delicious! It was moist and full of flavor and had that little buffalo kick. Love.
 Next we tried The Italian – pork, veal, beef, fontina stuffed, slow roasted pork gravy, pecorino romano, basil. So good – I actually got really full at this point and couldn’t finish it, took the it home and it was awesome for lunch the next day. This meatball did not mess around!

And then finally we shared the Smoked Wild Boar Ribs – chipotle-peach BBQ sauce, cheesy cornbread. Again, at this point of the meal, I was stuffed – I had a bite and it was delicious, really spicy! Charles ate most of it but it got a thumbs up from me!

So all in all, it was a delicious meal, full of all.the.meats – at first I didn’t think we ordered enough, I really wanted to try a few other apps and their house made pasta, but that would have been way too much! We got a great variety of tastes, all of which were super yum!

Jumping Shot for a Sunday Date Night!

And for all my Stella & Dot ladies, there is a pretty killer sale happening today and tomorrow AND how gorgeous are these earrings?! They are 50% off when using this link to shop!  Check it out and let me know what you think!

And for my LipSense ladies, here is my Blu-Red LipSense after our dinner date. I had drinks, ate ribs and it’s still looking fresh at the end of the night! You seriously have to give this stuff a try. Check out my in stock colors here – and if you mention you saw this on the blog, I’ll give you a special discount!

Floral Peplum Tops + Over the Knee Boots

So I have a new obsession that apparently deserved its own blog post! If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, it’s -> Floral Peplum Tops + Over the Knee {OTK} Boots.

Pretty much a match made in heaven.

Outfit Details: Top {Under $20!} / OTK Boots {on sale 50% Off}

Sunglasses / Gita Tassel Earrings / Blu Red LipSense

This top I picked up the other day and it’s so stinkin’ cute! I love the olive green and the light blue + light pink flowers – such a unexpected color scheme, but I love it as the winter turns to spring. And did I mention the top is under $18? What?! Yup! Comes in another cute floral coloring that I might have to pick up as well. I think it has an awesome fit, very flattering and forgiving – I’m wearing a medium. I actually grabbed a large, because I like a looser fit, but ended up getting the medium, which was way more flattering and I think how it’s meant to look!

I love this peplum with it’s little flutter paired with skinny jeans and these OTK boots that I picked up on super sale. They were a serious score and I love them so much – I wore them the other day with black pants and they still really work because of the dark leather dye around the toe! Can’t wait to pair them with a dress and/or a skirt as the weather warms up a bit – they will be so cute!

When I wore this outfit I wore my OTK boots most of the day, but then randomly threw on my favorite perforated booties {which are on sale} to walk Jackson, which was really cute with the top too! Last week the weather was super weird – unseasonably warm, then really cold and windy and now we are prepping for possibly a foot of snow in Philly – after it was nearly 70* last week.

So nuts.

And because of the fun, I’m doing a little Snow Day special in my Facebook group – Lips + Style by Leslie for Stella & Dot AND LipSense, so be sure to check that out if you have anything on your wish lists!

But now I’d love to hear from you – Are you a peplum top or OTK Boot lover? How would you style them? Please share! 

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