A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Life

So checking out homes in Northern VA this Easter weekend was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I am an avid HGTV watcher, especially House Hunters, Property Virgins, My First Place…pretty much all the new home/re-decorating shows. Now I feel I am living the dream. We checked out a few places in the Fairfax/Reston area. Its kind of hard to be realistic about any one place because I am not sure where I will get a job. Getting a job close to where I decide to live is very important. But it is hard not to fall in love with some of these glorious places. At lease now I know what I am going to get for the budget my family and I have planned out. The first place we went to was Elan (http://www.elancondos.com/)… and boy did I fall hard. This place rocked. This is the floorplan of the place which I liked best. It had an awesome area outside as well, for Jackson. Its All About Jackson! Loft ceilings, hardwood floor, everything new. I heart it.

The next two we went to were re-sales, meaning someone had previously lived in it. They were not new, but they were on the newer end. First was Stratford and second as Savoy. I liked Savoy best because it was newer. It also had an awesome activity guide that offered things to do throughout the month (ie: running club, happy hour, sushi making) just fun things to meet people and get to know the neighbors. Thats very important to me. I also like that its close to the Reston Town Centre, definitely a hot spot, and its right by the running trails which I like for me and of course Jackson. Oh decisions, decisions.

Its a very exciting process I must say. Hopefully everything will work out smoothly. I hope they do.

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