In The City That Never Sleeps

Just got back from another glorious NYC weekend with Aileen. Best. Weekend. Ever. We had oodles and oodles of glorious times. Friday was a fabulous experience at the L’Oreal employee store where I made some amazing purchases including my new favorite perfume, FlowerBomb. Seriously, this stuff rocks. My new fav. After that we went to Oneil’s Irish Pub to watch the Villanova game. Sadly that did not end well as you may know, but we are proud of our Cats making it as far as they did! Saturday morning started off lovely at our favorite bakery, Magnolia’s Bakery. Got the day off to a great start with a big honkin’ piece of red velvet cake, accompanied by a fabulous latte. Yum! After that we frolicked through Central Park and hit up my new favorite boutique, TikaBou! Aileen and I had a great time at this store, and so did my wallet! We tried on pretty much everything in the store, and the people there were great. Then we hit up the usual suspects; Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and many more. After 7+ hours of walking around the city we headed out to meet up with some guy friends for margarita’s and appetizers at Mad Dog & Beans, a cute little Mexican restaurant on Pearl Street. It was very good. The nachos and quesadillas were great. The we went to Bulls Head Tavern and met up with a bunch of Villanova graduates. It was so great to see everyone and so much fun. I only wish Aileen didn’t forget her ID and get denied entrance. So sad! Who forgets their ID? But I love her anyways. Then a few of us went to Marquee Nightclub. Alot of fun, but totally out of my league. $20 to get in and a $50 minimum bar tab. I just wanted a few beers! But thats New York and I got my beers without the tab so all was not lost! Lets just say it was a long night. The night ended with me getting a kabob from some shady street vendor and cabbing it home alone to Aileen’s. Needless to say I woke up smelling like Kabob. In the morning, Aileen and I dragged ourselves out of bed and went to Good Enough To Eat for brekky and it was muy bien! Then we went to Top of the Rock, which Aileen has been begging me to do with her FOREVER. It was amazing and If you have never been, I suggest you check it out. I am not the biggest fan of heights, but its definitely worth checking out if you are in the city. Such a better view than the Empire State Building. This has 70 floors total and the top 4 you get to check out with a 360 degree view. As you will see in the pictures shown are the view of Central Park and the Empire State Building. It was an amazing weekend. The best part was that even though it was jam packed, I never felt rushed and we got in everything we wanted to! Checklist complete! I am counting down the days until my next visit with Aileen! Miss you girlfriend!! Next time, Mission: Statue of Liberty!

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