Thirsty Thursday

All I can say is I need to stop drinking. I come into work hurting way more often than I should. It hurts to be me today, but yesterday was super fun. After work yesterday, some of the company ‘haters’ went out for a little de-stressing Happy Hour to meet up with the currently un-employed and loving it Deif-master. Pepto, Rita and I met up with her at The Great American Pub for a few brew-ski’s. More than a couple $2 beers and a Kamikazi shot later, boyfriend and I were off to meet my old roommate and her husband for dinner at Carmine’s Creole Cafe in Bryn Mawr. I was a little unsure about going here, because its mainly seafood, but it was great. I had my first ever crab cake and it was fabulous. We had a great time and I love seeing them. Camilla and Steve also introduced us to our new favorite cocktail…Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Can I just tell you that it was delightful. Steve said its about $20 cheaper than Jack (if you get the big bottles for big kids like we do) and it tastes the exact same. So exciting. Anyways, I am hurting from the beers, shot and whiskey, but only a few hours left in my work day until I head up to NYC for a fun-filled fabulous weekend with my little Aileeny! I can’t wait. Shopping, Fun, and being fabulous are high on our list. Tonight are plans are to watch the Villanova game, possibly at Public House with the rest of the NYC Villanova Alumni community. I can’t wait and I seriously hope they win tonight! Pray for a victory from the Wildcats! GO NOVA!

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