Everyone needs some. Mine came last night around 9:30 pm while watching my Tuesday Evening Fav: Biggest Loser Seriously, I love that show. A little commercial came on with Bob Harper saying his favorite time to work out is first thing in the AM because it gets it out of the way and you don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day. Wise Bob. Although I have attempted this before, after 15 glorious weeks of watching the Biggest Loser, most of which included my fat ass eating a cheese steak (or something comparable) and drinking a beer (by a beer, I mean many beers/wine), I figured, what a perfect time to start a workout routine. Time to start watching the people on the show work out and work out myself! Woohoo! I am known for working out for a few days and then stopping for weeks and then losing interest or motivation. But word on the street is it takes 2 weeks to form a routine and I am counting down 2 weeks (and a day) until my Spring Break ’08 trip to Orlando, which I believe that can sum it up in two words: My Motivation. We shall see. My roommate and I planned on going for a run last night while watching Biggest Loser, and to both our surprise, we actually got up and went. Around 2 miles (we are estimating) this morning on the Schuylkill River Trail. The birds were chirping, it was a very nice morning . I am even going for the gold and am currently planning on hitting up a yoga class tonight. Vinyasa to be exact. A little cardio in the AM and a little stretching action in the PM. Perfect combo! Hopefully the stars will align and I will make the class and feel better than ever after my day of exercise and skinny food! Success! Am I celebrating a little early considering its 1:30? Maybe, but hey, I am pumping myself up.

Can we seriously talk about the Biggest Loser some more? Can we talk about how all of the final 4 contestants dropped huge double diget numbers? In the 15th week?!? I am confused. Makes me think that something fishy is going on campus, because seriously, how could everyone lose that much weight in the final week WITHOUT THEIR TRAINERS? But all that aside, I love the Pink Team, and I hardcore want Ali to win. There seriously needs to be a woman biggest loser and I think Ali has worked so hard and wants it so bad. But Kelly is a force to be reckoned with as well, she also has more to lose during the time off the ranch to the finale. I don’t think Ali or Mark can get any slimmer! I also think the whole ‘America decides’ whether Mark or Roger get to compete in the finale sucks. I definitely want it to be Mark because then a girl will clearly win (i hope)!

Go to and vote for Mark!

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