Spring Break 2008…kind of

Sorry it has been a hot minute since I have posted. I was basking in the glorious Orlando Sun since Thursday of last week with no computer. Who wants to donate a blackberry to me so I can let the posting fun go on 24/7! I am willing to take donations. My friend Dana and I were down to visit my friend Kathleen, who recently got engaged. I was an interesting trip to say the least. Dana and I had a great time at Disney on Friday. We hit up Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot…we got the Park Hopper for $124!! Can you believe that?! So expensive. Whatevs we were on vaca. Did anyone else get the memo that MGM had changed the name to Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Because we sure didn’t. Dana and I were like “Hollywood Studios? Whats that?! Sounds lame” Even though we would have probably enjoyed that the most, since I has more rides for she slightly older Disney crowd…even though I did rock the Minnie Mouse Headband Ears as soon as I got in the park! Dana was so proud. Magic Kingdom was classic and fun. We lucked out at Animal Kingdom because the Dinosaur ride broke and we complained that we had been there for 2 hours, and all we had done was have 2 beers at the bar since all the lines were too long. Even the Fast Passes were a few hours wait. The lady gave us a “No Strings Attached” pass, which took us to the front of the line at the coveted Safari ride as well as the new Everest ride. It was so awesome. Then we were to Epcot, but by that time we had been walking around in the sun for hours, the lines were long and we were over it. Defiantly can’t hang at Disney like we used to. Also, it was ambitious of us to attempt to visit 3 parks in one day. We had a great time together. It was defiantly a magical day!

PS. Thanks to Rebecca at GGC for the great shout out!

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