Book Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

Can I just say, that I love Love LOVED this book. It was everything I wanted in a fiction book. The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs is a powerful story initially about a mother and daughter and their yarn shop, Walker and Daughter, in New York City. The story explores the many struggles of a single mother, long lost loves, long lost best friends and all the Friday Night Knitting Club members’ journey from a club into a sisterhood. This book made me want to knit again. After my roommate, Kate taught me how this past winter, this book inspired me to pick up my needles again and get back to work. My previous project included two fabulous gray scarves, one for me, one for Jackson, obviously. Last night Kate gave Jill and I another tutorial, our own old ladies knitting club of sorts! I have now started on Jackson and my Christmas scarves, in fabulous red and will keep you up to date on my progress. I got pretty far just from last night:

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