Manayunk Bike Race 2008

The 2008 Pro Cycling Tour Philadelphia International Championship Triple Crown of Cycling, or as I call it the Manayunk Bike Race was held this past weekend. I had never been before, but it was fabulous and crazy and awesome all at the same time. My car got blocked in and I wasn’t able to head out to work in the morning, so I figured, might as well enjoy the day. It was so cool to watch the bikers go by, and Manayunk was crazy, everyone was acting like they were in college, drinking all over the places, the cops didn’t care, it was a sight! The race itself consisted of 10 bigger laps from Center City Philadelphia, all the way out to Manayunk which totalled 156 intense miles in the ridiculous 100 degree heat! The best part to watch, and I am sure the worst part to actually bike was the Manayunk Wall. It is difficult to walk up or down, let alone bike it. This is where most people set up shop, to watch the race, hang out, party at. This weekend, Manayunk definitely partied it up!

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