Show Me Your Rack…

….bike rack that is. One would think that no matter where we may travel throughout the day, bike racks are one of the few things that will always be there for us. Bike rack’s are always there when we go to the grocery store, the mall, wherever we run our errands, or so we may think. In this day and age when going green and being environmentally conscious are at the top of most American’s minds, I was very surprised to learn today that we are missing a few key “green” ingredients.

Here’s the story: So in my effort to be more green, and save a few pennies on gas as well, I decided today to bike the 3+ miles to one of the shopping centers close by my house to pick up some things I needed and burn a few calories at the same time. Everyone wins! This shopping center is home to IKEA, B.J.’s, Home Depot, Circuit City and Michael’s, which are clearly all big name stores. When I arrived, I could find no bike rack in sight. I had to take my bike into B.J’s, Home Depot and Circuit City with me. Are they serious?!? I was half expecting to get kicked out for walking my bike around these stores while shopping, not to mention the bike was little bit in the way. How can stores like these not have a place for people to put their bikes? Its not like it would take up much room outside. These stores, which are right smack dab on part of a really nice biking/running/walking trail, have no place to put a bike. And as crazy as this is, I was not the only person walking my bike around the store. I could tell the others I passed by were as equally as annoyed as I was. I totally assumed there would be as rack for me when I got there. I am definitely going to keep my eyes open at my other favorite shopping spots for bike rack’s. Hopefully as we get deeper into the green revolution there will be bike rack’s on every corner, like Starbucks.

As sad as it is to say, look for a rake before you bike! I know I will!

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  • Reply Charles June 29, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    The world demands an update.

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