Haircut: Pre & Post

I am pretty sure Jackson looks like two separate dogs when I drop him off to get groomed and then pick him up. Whenever his time to get a little haircut comes around I get all torn on how I like his hair best. I love him with long, poofy hair, looking like a little muffin, but I also like how little and sweet he looks with his hair cut. Especially with the hot summer days, I know the long hair isn’t the most comfortable for him, but he looks so damn cute! Some people who know Jackson are die hard loving him with the long fur, others are die hard for the short hair-do. Also its pretty much a crap shoot when I drop him off anywhere what he is going to come out looking like. You never know what the groomer is going to do and I am sad to say, I still haven’t found a person or place I love to take Jackson too yet.

Embrace the Pre & Post Haircut Pics:

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