Nike+Human Race 10k

Today I competed in the Nike+Human Race 10k. It is the first 10k I have competed in and basically the longest I have run in one given time since I can remember. Boyfriend gave me the Nike+Sportband for my birthday and it has been amazing helping me improve my running/endurance/stamina. I have spent Labor Day weekend in Manayunk, PA and since there aren’t any actual Human Races going on in the area, I had to go it alone, and I did much better than I originally expected, especially since I signed up for the race last weekend and haven’t had that much time to prepare.


6.37 miles
59.41 minutes
728 calories
9.59 avg pace

I know the actual 10k length is 6.25 miles, but I got a little freaked out towards the end of my run and didn’t want to stop too short. But I finished the 6.25 miles in a little less than one hour, so that was fabulous for me.

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