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October 27, 2008

National Museum of Crime and Punishment

Checked out this new museum in DC this past weekend. Washington D.C.’s National Crime and Punishment Museum was pretty darn cool. The decision was between that or the Spy Museum, but we decided to opt for the shorter lines. There were some really cool exhibits, and it was awesome to see the live set of America’s Most Wanted. The first two pictures are from the studio where they film AMW, the third picture is Bonnie & Clyde’s escape vehicle, complete with gun shots and the last picture is from one of the exhibits that showed how they use face checker.

Very cool stuff! Check it out if you are in downtown DC by the Verizon Center.

Jackson Says…

Happy Halloween!

Please embrace Jackson’s 2008 Halloween costume. He got his picture taken at Petsmart for their Halloween Pet Party. I love the spider on his head and the cute frame that comes with.

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