Dog OR Cat? Does the food matter?

Ok, so my mom was nice enough to pick up some dog food at the store for Jackson. It was very thoughtful of her to think of her little grandpup. I fed him as I usually do, everyday, until this morning, when I noticed something funny about the food. I took a closer look and I saw a picture of a cat on the front of the package. Hmmm. That’s odd… I thought it was wierd that there would be a picture of a cat on dog food……

IT WAS CAT FOOD!!! I have been feeding Jackson freakin’ cat food for almost 2 weeks. Granted he has always had a knack for the stuff, I don’t feel TOO bad, but I feel like it could be bad for him? Maybe? He grew up with Mojito, a black cat with green eyes my roommate at the time had. Mojito hung out by the window, on top of the couch and pranced around like she owned the place. I am pretty sure Jackson learned a lot from her. He also was caught many a time during his first puppy year eating Mojito’s food. Which is how I know he likes it, along with the fact he has cleaned his bowl everyday. It was just really funny seeing the bag of food for the first time today and realizing what I have been giving him…Premium Adult Cat food. I can’t wait to tell my mom.

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