The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem..

…and I have a big one. Seriously, I have always been an avid candle lover. I love them all over the place, all lit up and smelling fabulous. I have always thought Yankee Candle was kinda overpriced and not worth it. But BOY WAS I WRONG. While $25 may be a lot for a candle, you get around 150 hours of burning time and always a great smell that fills up the room. I can’t really say that for any of the other cheaper candles I have tried. Anyways, I recently joined the Yankee band wagon. I first started on the tart route, slowly evolving into the samplers, and now I love the big ones. As you can see, I have started quite a collection since the holiday sales, and I can’t seem to avoid checking out what YC has every time I am in the mall. I also always bring a coupon with me. Its awesome, $10 off $25. Can’t beat that! I heart YC!

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