Washington DC Inauguration Update

In preparation for the millions of people who are planning to come to Washington next week for the Inauguration of Obama, DC has become one big toilet bowl. Below are some pictures of the millions of port-o-potties that are lined up throughtout the Nations Capital. Rumor has it that there is 1 bathroom for every 5,000 people expected to be here. First of all, EWW. Second of all, this may be the first time that some people are coming to DC and it may not make that great of an impression because the ugliness of the port-o-johns is pretty massive. I feel they could have done something a little better than plop them down right in front of the National Monument. I mean, come on. I understand there is going to be an unprecidented amount of people here, and they will need to have access to bathrooms, but its just plain ugly, and a little gross, and I am sure its going to smell pretty bad.

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