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Not Good!

So I got back to work today with a little surprise on the table across from me….apparently the rumors are true. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time! I am pretty weak when it comes to these glorious little bites of heaven. My personal favorites, all featured below, in no particular order, are: Samoas, Tagalongs & of course the classic Thin Mints. I have no will-power against these cookies, and can not be held accountable for how many I eat. I ate 6 cookies today, 2 of each favs, in under 5 minutes. This is NOT GOOD for my vacation to Atlantis which is coming up in t-minus 2 weeks! Hello?! Body needs to be bikini ready! All the hard work I have put in detoxing and such the past month and a half could be ruined because of these two girl scout cookie boxes which stare at me during the day. I hope people steal the boxes in the night and they aren’t there when I come back tomorrow morning! Pray for me!

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JacksonTV: MonkeyBusiness

I figure it has been long enough since the last JacksonTV update. The world has been deprived as much as it can handle, I am sure. Here is Jackson playing with one of his Christmas presents, a Monkey. I love when he growls and tries to snap his stuffed animals neck. Its so funny because he is so small and never growls or barks or makes a peep! Bestest Boy Around!

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I’m NOT Engaged!

BUT…I am in Engaged! Magazine! I posted a few months ago about a photo shoot I was involved in at the Willard Intercontinental, and I wanted to share with the world my picture that was in the magazine. I had so much fun and I think the picture turned out pretty good. The pictures below show the picture close up, along with the full 2 page spread. It’s not the best image quality because I took a picture of the magazine with my camera, I wasn’t able to scan a good copy, but its ok. You get the idea! I am pretty sure I should add “Model” to my resume. Maybe even attach this picture to let them know I am legit! Let me know what you think!


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Beers/Wines of the (Epcot) World

Are you sick of hearing me talk about my Disney trip yet? Well, I am sorry, but I had such a good time, I want to shout it from the roof-tops!

Epcot was a favorite place of ours during the trip. We went there every night. It has the best atmosphere for people our age, less children, and of course a vacation necessity, alcohol. Did you know Magic Kingdom is dry and doesn’t serve alcohol? I would think they would make it mandatory because all the adults would need to booze after running around with their screaming children all day. But whatever, we hit up Epcot for our beer/wine fix.

Aside from all that, with the World Showcase, Epcot makes drinking fun. You can hit up a bunch of different countries with a variety of drink choices. Sign me up! So much fun do have a pretzel und bier in Germany, and then hit up Paris for some fabulous vino! I loved the variety and the atmosphere of all the different counties! The ambiance was great.

Here are a few piccy-pics from our around the world drinking fun. The picture are in order from: Mexico, Norway, England, Paris, Germany, Morocco, Italy and China!

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