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February 24, 2009

What’s For Dinner: Crispy Cajun Chickpea Cakes

I saw this recipe on Vegan Dad’s website the other day and it kind of made my mouth water. I heart chickpeas. A LOT. I am also trying to eat really healthy this week because next Thursday is Atlantis, aka Bikini Time. I have lost some weight over the past month from jump starting my metabolism through a detox and changing my eating habits. I would really like to look awesome in a two piece. So this next week = no crap!

The chickpea cakes were great. I loved the idea of a crabcake like meal for dinner, only a totally healthy one. They were really good. I followed the recipe and made about 8 cakes, I think I made them kinda big. I had a few for dinner, and I am going to take some to work the next few days for lunch. Next time I think I would add some more seasoning, to spice it up a notch. I also think this would be really good just as a ‘hummus’ dip. Maybe with some fat free sour cream, cheese and salsa on tortilla chips! Yum!

I Heart Jen Lancaster.

In light of my recent trips, Disney last week and Atlantis next week, I decided I needed some new reading material. I have followed Jen Lancaster’s blog, jennsylvania for a while now. I have read lots of people’s reviews on her books and I have even had them on my goodread’s shelf, but I decided to pick up all three about a week ago. AND I AM HOOKED. Jen is such a gifted writer. I read these three books, BAM! BAM! BAM! Right in a row. I was physically unable to put them down. I read them on planes, trains, all over the place. Laughing out loud constantly. I have NEVER read books before that make me crack up like a crazy person like that. People literally were staring at me, and I had tears coming down my eyes at a few points from the laughter. Lancaster is freaking hilarious.

I would re-read particularly funny passages back to boyf and he would think I was nuts. People in the metro would laugh at me for laughing, but that was just fine, because I was having the best time reading her books. It felt so good to laugh like that from reading about the life of Jen Lancaster. She touched upon great topics such as money issues, city-life, weight loss and so much more, but she put her own fabulous two-cents into everything, and it was just a pure joy to read.

I am very sad I have finished all three so fast and now I have to find something else to read. I am really not looking forward to making that kind of decision and I feel bad for whatever book comes after Lancaster’s fabulous trio.

At least I have something to look forward to! Jen’s new book, Pretty in Plaid is coming to DC – May 8! To the Barnes & Noble on 12th Street! Bet your bottom doller that date is highlighted in my planner!

If you are looking for a fabulous read, check out these books. They seriously rock!

Sound Check: Julianne Hough & Kellie Pickler

Another fabulous day of celebrity sightings! That statement makes it sound like I get to see celebs a lot, which is definately NOT the case. BUT I have seen many of them in the past week and a half, so I guess that kinda rocks.

I was able to be at the sound check for Julianne Hough & Kellie Pickler today. Sadly, I have no pictures to share. I was very upset I was not allowed to take pictures, but somehow my life will go on. It was amazing. Julianne is so teeny tiny! Her hair was big and beautiful but she was just the littlest thing ever. She is also just as nice in person as you would believe her to be from watching her on Dancing with the Stars or seeing her tour with her new country album. I am pretty sure we should be best friends! She sang “Song In My Head” and “My Hallelujah Song.” She really does have a great voice. Did I mention she was itsy-bitsy!?

I also got to hear Kellie Pickler’s band warm up, and I was told she was going to come out and practice before the show, but no such luck. Things were running a littl behind schedule so I guess she had to get ready!

I was given a copy of Julianne’s self titled CD and it’s really good. I like it alot. My favorite song so far is “Dreaming Under the Same Moon,” a song she duets with her brother Derek.

My First Give Away: Country Bob’s

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Country Bob’s sent me two bottles of their all-purpose sauce to review. I realized that I have yet to put up my review! My Bad! I have tried it on a bunch of stuff, and I have read other bloggers reviews on the all purpose sauce and everyone seems to be having such a great time with it! I love it too! It’s great. Pictures to come later.

THE GIVEAWAY: Country Bob’s will send two of my readers 2 bottles of their All Purpose Sauce. I will pick a winner on Friday, February 27th at Noon. To enter:

1- Leave a comment after this post
2- Add me to your blog roll and let me know in the comment section


I would like to congratulate boyf on his recent promotion!!! He found out last week and I am so excited for him. He works so hard and does a great job in his position, and I know his new role will open up worlds of new and exciting opportunities. I wish him only the best because I know he deserves it! So congratulations boyf!

I sent him a balloon bouquet which he received today at work. 5 Mylar which say all sorts of congratulatory wording and 5 latex. 10 balloons in his bouquet. I thought it would totally pump him up for his work week ahead. However I feel I may have caused some embarrassment at the office, but I feel he should be proud and celebrate the achievement! Embrace the balloon love!

What’s For Dinner: Butternut Squash Soup

So tonight, in my attempt to really eat healthy for the next week (before ATLANTIS!!), I tried Imagine Organic Creamy Butternut Squash Soup. I was craving some additional veggies so I added in a handful of corn. It was really good! I had two bowl-fulls! It was really creamy and tasty and smooth. I liked it a lot! What was also great was that it came in a resealable box, so I had what I wanted and put the rest in the fridge for another day when I need an easy meal!

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