Bad Boy!

Jackson ate my earphones…AGAIN. This may or may not be the second (third!?) pair he has eaten. I also know that boyfs computer mouse cord fell victim to Jackson during his teething phase. Along with the cord to my Dirt Devil Kone. And countless numbers of my chapsticks, which he seems to have developed a certian taste for. NOT good. Most of those incidents were during his early puppy years, but he is going to be 3 in August. He should not be taking my ipod headphones out of my work bag and eating them. I need those things! I need them to work out with, I need them to listen to music on the metro, I need them for my vacay next week. I suppose I will have to go out and buy another pair this weekend. But they are expensive too. Between the 3? pairs of headphones, computer mouse and vaccum cord, Jackson owes us some serious cash for the damage he has done.

Bad boy! But I still love him more than anything. No amount of chewed up things will stop that.

RIP my headphones:

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  • Reply inmytummy February 28, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Murphy, my dog, has a similar fondness for the Comcast remote.

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