Best Shopping Day EVER!

Seriously, we are in a recession and that sucks pretty bad, the economy is down the toilet, and everything is really scary right now, I get that. BUT THE SALES ARE AWESOME! I can’t even begin to tell you about the awesome deals I got today, but I will try to share with you some of my excitement. So the two main purchases were: North Face Jacket (!!YAY!!) AND a Jack La Lanne Power Juicer (!!Double YAY!!) I seriously got the BEST deals. I got the jacket for under $150. So awesome, HALF OFF!!! I am going to be so warm! I also got the juicer for about $80, but I had a gift card, and ended up paying only about $30. INCREDIBLE. I already made a juice (3 apples/carrots) and it was so good. I am pumped BEYOND PUMPED! I also picked up this Honey Bee Bath Bomb from Lush and I can’t wait to try that out later too. Had such a good time today!

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