I am a Copycat.

Happy Thursday! It was so nice outside today. Too bad I wasn’t outside for much of it, but it still is very nice not to have to wear my warmest winter jacket! I just got back from a nice 4 miler. It was fabulous to be able to come home from work and be able to take a run outside because its still light out. Summer is coming!! I was also happy because at the end of my workout I had a nice little message on my Nike+. Lance Armstrong came on my iTunes and congratulated me for just running my new personal best for the mile. 7’50” – Not too shabby. I must say it was a very nice touch from the iTunes/Nike+ people to put in little messages like that. It was very surprising and a nice little detail in the product.

I came home to some mail today, which I was very excited about. First thing is the California Raisins recipe book that was sent to me. “Now Serving” features 27 meal options that incorporate raisins. I thought that was such a cute idea. I don’t know about you, but I always have raisins lying around the house, and I don’t ever cook with them. Might be nice to have an option to throw them into a meal once in a while.

I also came home to another package which is always exciting. I saw this item on one of my fav. blogs that I read daily, Coffee Talk. Amy, I copied you hardcore with this purchase. I got two ipod cases from Free People that I had seen on Coffee Talk a few weeks ago. I love them. I orginally just got the blue, but then I decided I had to have the pink one too. They are great for holding my ipod, phone, and camera. I could even put cash and my cell in it and take it out with me. I love that it zips and they are so cute!The wool and beading is awesome. I am obsessed!

In my package today when the pink one came, they even sent me a cute little free people reuseable shopping bag! Score! I know I will find an awesome use for that!
Totally made my day that the pink one came today. I am pumped to take it with me to Atlantis next weekend. Woohoo! Thanks for having such great taste and putting it on your blog for all to see Amy!

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