No Pudge!

I love me a no fat brownie. SIGN ME UP for a whole batch! No Pudge! Brownies are a great way to go when you have that chocolate craving, but you don’t want to get nuts with the caloric intake. Tonight I made the raspberry brownies, but I threw in some blackberries for a little added fruit value. They were kinda just hanging in the fridge and I figured, why not throw those puppies in?! These were so good. The blackberries were extra hot, and gave the brownies a lil explosion of flavor in your mouth. YUM YUM! Three of my girlfriends were hanging out and we kinda ate half the pan. Oh well! None of us felt guilty about it that’s for sure!

Here is Jackson in my scarf with his E.T./Virgin Mary look. He pretty much rocked it.

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  • Reply healthy ashley February 10, 2009 at 11:20 am

    How can you feel guilty about fat-free brownies with fruit!? I love them!

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