What’s For Dinner? – Annie’s Homegrown

I haven’t been in much of a solid dinner mood these days when I get home. I have just been embracing the juicer. Made another killer apple/carrot juice today. I am a juice master! Then Mich came over for dinner and we made Annie’s Mac & Cheese with a side of salad and some vino. Jackson jumped up on the kitchen chair and dove into Mich’s salad before we sat down. Bad little boy! But she ate it anyway. Haha. I love it!

And I made two of these little numbers for Mich and I for brekky tomorrow. I have been raving about them, and I figured I should just shut up and the proof will be in the pudding! Or in this case, in the Breakfast Cookie! Super excited. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it. Defiantly something work waking up for!

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