Why Hasn’t He Proposed?

Ahhh..the age old question. Some of us are in this stage. Some of us aren’t yet/will be/have been. All I know is that I was the freakshow reading this book on the metro the past two days. Yup! About a day and a half is all it took for me to finish this book during my commute to downtown DC. People were defiantly staring at me. I mean the purple book with the giant ring on it with the huge block letters, “WHY HASN’T HE PROPOSED?” It kinda stands out, but I was cool with it. A girl’s got research to do!

Interesting things/facts I learned from this book:

– Relationship Limbo – Hundreds of thousands of women are stuck in this land, all wanting to take their relationship to the next level, but stuck as a result of their boyfriends inaction (this is typical 2-3 years into a relationship)

– Summary of Why Marriage Rocks – ‘Married people live longer, healthier lives and have better immune systems. Marriage adds 4+ years to a woman’s life and 10+ years to a man’s. It is proven that married men earn 10-50% more money than unmarried men in the same position. Married couples have more frequent, satisfying and hotter sex. (25% of single men/30% of single women aren’t even having sex at all). Married couples have 1,400 legal rights (joint insurance, tax benefits, half of assets). Last but not least, married people are just happier in general

– According to U.S. Census, the median age for marriage for men is 27.1 and for women its 25.3

– According to the jewelry industry, a man should spend 2x the salary he earns in a month on an engagement ring, but in these economic times, i guess it makes the most sense to spend what one can afford.

– Set a deadline. You need a specific time frame with which to work.

– ‘The proposal should be a reflection of the man’s personality and the relationship. It matters most WHAT he’s saying, not HOW he’s saying it.’ Society has put a lot of pressure on the WOW factor, and the focus tends to lean towards the ‘big day’ when it should really be on the rest of the couple’s ‘days’.

– ‘It wasn’t until 1215 that the notion of setting a lapse of time between the marriage arrangement and the ceremony. Rings were worn on the fourth finger to the left because that is where the “vena amoris” or vein of love, runs straight to the heart’

– ‘A proposal custom which goes back many centuries gives the woman the right to propose to their man on February 29, which only comes around in leap years. Back in the day, the leap year was not recognized in English law, so the day itself had no legal status. If a man turned down a woman who asked for his hand on that day, he was forced to pay a fine.’

I liked this book. It was a good mix of real life stories, and I really enjoyed reading about the historical ties and the wedding traditions unveiled. I can’t really say too much about the book without giving too much away to the male readers (YOU know who you are), but it was a easy read, gave me some things to think about, and it had a really good take on relationships and engagement and marriage.

Check out the book! You will like it, and then you can share it with your friends!

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