Atlantis Recap: Love

Ok, this is the last Atlantis Recap, I PROMISE. There are just way too many beautiful pictures not to share! The views, the beach, the food/drink and waterworks were all just such amazing parts of Atlantis. I loved it all.

I want to thank boyf so SO much for taking me for the third year in a row. He is amazing, and I love him very much. The trip was incredible, and I know I had the best time ever.

Here are two pictures from one of our favorite spots at the Atlantis, by the Royal Towers and the Dig. We take a picture here every year. We took one in 2008 but I can’t seem to locate it on my computer. The first picture below is from our first trip, and the second is from this past weekend. 2007 and 2009. Weird to think that so much has happened between then and now, but here we are at that same spot. I just like to think how much closer we are now, and how good things are between us. I look forward to more great times like these.

Love: Then & Now.

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