Jackson’s Rain Gear

This morning it was very wet and rainy and yucky, and for Jackson’s morning walk, he had to rock his raincoat. Obviously in all of Jackson’s clothing collection, a raincoat is a necessity! Especially in this spring-time weather. I love the rubber ducky’s in the lining of the coat. It’s so freaking cute! I also just love the yellow. It’s so precious! All the other dog’s in the neighborhood are TOTALLY jealous of Jackson’s rocking sense of style!

Jackson HATES the hood on this thing. Luckily it comes off from the coat, but I had to keep it on for pictures, and if it’s raining! But if it goes in front of his head, he can’t see, and he just stops in his tracks and won’t move unless you relocate the hood. He makes me laugh when he does things like that!

I think I got pictures of Jackson in his raincoat from EVERY possible angle. He is just so adorable in it! Another fabulous Petsmart purchase! Worth every penny!

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