LIFE: In a Fish Bowl

So today was my beauty day before my big trip on Thursday. It included highlights, nails and a wax. My hair appointment was supposed to be yesterday but it got canceled because of the snow so I had to smush it all into today. Rough life at the spa! I got my highlights first, and if you have ever had them with foil, you know you look kinda silly while the color is setting. I have A LOT of hair, which calls for A LOT of foil. This results in a very INTERESTING look.

Please embrace:

HOT STUFF! I rocked this look while getting my manicure done. I sat in this chair, by a huge window, at a highly populated shopping center. People were literally walking by me, pointing and laughing. Some people even walked by twice I think. I am glad that I was able to provide a smile to the people of Reston Town Center tonight. Thank gosh no one I know walked by!

Please embrace my manicure chair from the outside angle! Totally worth the it because I love my hair and am totally beach ready now!
Love you Aveda!

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  • Reply lesley March 4, 2009 at 11:20 am

    The foiled look is always so appealing, isn’t it?? lol : ) Love it!

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