Sunday Funday Shopping!

Today my mom and I had a shopping day. I needed new clothes, BAD. Since loosing 12+ pounds (and counting) in the past 2 months I have gone down 2+ dress sizes. So all my clothes are literally falling off. Half the pants I wear on a weekly basis, I can slide off me, which isn’t really a good thing to be walking around in. After we hit up a Body Pump class at Gold’s Gym, which I am hardcore sore from by the way, Mama and I hit up the stores!

I got 2 suits, a blazer, 4 pairs of dress pants (2 black, navy and grey) and a shirt. They aren’t too exciting, so I will spare you the pictures.

These shoes are exciting though! Since I ride the metro every day, I need comfortable shoes to walk all around town. I love these. My mom and I are the same size, so we are going to ‘share’ them, which means she buys and I end up keeping them! Winner! I love the cranberry. So cute!

After reading about these Cover Girl products here, I was pumped to try these out for myself when I saw them on sale today. I also got the free bag and mini bag with my purchase. Like I need another bag in my life, but whatever. It can reside at the beach!

Line exact, Lash Blast Luxe, and Exact Eyelights. I can’t wait to try them out. I think I left my mascara at Kate Monster’s last time I was there, so I have been mascara-less for a while.

I have been searching for blue-ish Grey pearls! And I found them. Hurray!

I thought this was super cute. I love Love, so I had to buy this.

Gotta love those great buys! Everything I bought was on sale. I will NEVER pay full price for anything unless it’s an emergency. There are always coupons or sales or other ways to get prices down. There are tons of ways to find coupons online. I love personally. I always hit up that site before going to the mall.

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  • Reply Anonymous March 30, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    Did you seriously purchase Covergirl products?

    We are not speaking and you have been cut off from all L’Oreal and L’Oreal family products.

    Guess who

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