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April 9, 2009

The Aveda Institute, Washington DC

Today was a good day because I got my hair did! I was in hardcore need of highlights, my roots were growling at me in the mirror telling me to make an appointment somewhere. I partially blame the green monsters for making my hair grow so fast. I like it, because I am trying to grow out my layers, but I don’t like it because it can cost me a pretty penny!

Luckily, I found a gem in the city of D.C. – The Aveda Institute. Seriously, I am SO lucky to be so close to this bad boy. I only wish I knew about it sooner. It is a school for Aveda stylists, and the students are there working on your hair/nails/face, etc. I got highlights and a haircut for $60, which is seriously a rocking price, and I love my new highlights! If I went to a regular Aveda salon, it would cost me $60 just for the cut.

I wasn’t nervous about being worked on by a student, because teachers were walking around the whole time, and checked everything throughout the process. I was also constantly asked if everything was exactly how I wanted it, which made me feel pretty good.

On top of the killer price and service, if I booked my next appointment before I left (which I was planning on doing anyway) I get an extra 20% off my next appt! Umm…YES PLEASE! I made an appointment for my next highlight, before the wedding I have in May. I also made an appointment for a facial, which will be my first. I am pumped. Its an hour and a half worth of pampering for $45. Actually it will be less than that with my 20% discount. Seriously, such a good deal, I had great results, the people working there were great, I am so pumped that I have finally found a hair place to call my own!

Check it out to see if there is one in your area! TOTALLY worth it!


Washington Monumental

You gotta love the Washington Monument. It is such a major symbol of DC. Whenever I am down in the city it’s always somewhere in sight, and I like that. I must say I have yet to venture up it. Don’t worry it’s on my summer To-Do list for boyf and I!

blog 061

The Monument & the Moon blog 131

Attempting to “push” over the monument!blog 133

Scary face! I am so strong!blog 134

I love playing around downtown when the weather is nice. It’s so much fun and there is so much to do and take advantage of. I need to spend more time in the city this spring/summer that’s for sure!

Barney Butter!

Yay! Check out what arrived in my mailbox today! I am so pumped to try this stuff! I have been reading about Barney Butter all over the blog world and I can’t wait to try some! They are the perfect little to-go packets! blog 178

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