Blackberry Decisions!

So the other day when I was on my phone, chit-chatting away, my phone decided to die. I was able to hear people on the other end, but no one could hear me. It didn’t matter if they were on a cell phone, land line, different provider, I tried them all and nothing worked. It has been going in and out of working like this the past few days, and I am pretty much done with it, that and the fact that I pretty much love any excuse for new electronics! I have the LG Chocolate in Red, and I am over the touch screen. It dials people and hangs up on people and mutes people, so frustrating! I am also over the slide phone, and the flip phones and all that jazz! I just want a good phone that will entertain me on the metro everyday. 
So I have narrowed my choices down to these two. I have always said I would get the Pearl, because I love the size and shape, but when looking at it more closely, the screen on the Curve is better, and I also think I will like the keyboard better. I am still a little unsure though, I can’t make big decisions like this that I will have to live with for 2 years! So much pressure! Help!

Aside from my phone drama, in terms of running this week, I am doing pretty good. I decided on a training schedule for my FIRST half marathon next month ( t-minus 45 days!) and I am feeling pretty good about it. Here are my stats so far this week:
Monday: 3 miles (treadmill…yuck) 26 minutes
Tuesday: 5 miles (in the rain..yuck) 45 minutes
I am aiming for around 20 miles this week, I am already at 8 and I am planning for a longer run on Sat or Sun so we shall see. I took today off, as per my schedule, and because it’s still raining like yesterday only worse. 
Feeling good about the race! Feeling antsy about my phone! I want my new one right this second. I need to work on the whole patience thing. PS- Isn’t the pink pretty? I go through red phases and pink phases, and right now, I am loving the pink!
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  • Reply Lacey Nicole April 16, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    your half marathon is gonna be great!!!! i have to say when i saw your post on my blogroll “Blackberry decisions” i TOTALLY thought you were talking about the fruit. hah.

  • Reply Kate April 16, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    curve? pearl? hold up!
    What about the storm!?
    Get a crackberry! Decision made!

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