Fun with the Blossoms!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday downtown. Here are some pictures of boyf and I enjoying our day together, and some of me playing with the blossoms.

blog 071

NOTE: No blossoms were hurt when taking the following pictures

blog 110 blog 112

Posing with the blossoms, pretending to eat the blossoms and inhaling the blossoms via my nostrils.  Typical cherry blossom picture taking behavior. Everyone else was doing it.

 blog 116

Love is Blossoming! <insert cheesy smile here>

blog 087

On a side note, I can totally tell the difference in my skin from having green monsters for over a week every day. ,My skin just feels so healthy! I feel like you can really see the glow from the green monsters in this picture! Woohoo! Love you green monsters!

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