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I am starting to get packed and ready for the Broad Street Run next weekend in Philly. I think I am just about set with what I am going to wear and all that. I got a Nike Dry Fit tank to go with my new Atalanta athletic wear running skirt ( ) I have been reading about running skirts FOREVER and I decided to try it out myself. After discussing skirt options with Heather I went with the Commitment Skirt. It has full length shorts underneath as well as two pockets which I like. The skirt is “Made of Dry-flex fabric, this skirt is moisture wicking, fast-drying, and will leave you chafe free.” I like it alot already, and as you can tell, it matches my running shoes PERFECTLY! Don’t think that wasn’t on purpose because it totally was!! 

I also have my water bottle belt, and I got another little compartment to attach onto the belt to hold my phone or Luna Moons or what not. There are going to be 25,000+ people next weekend just in the race, not to mention the spectators, so I am going to need my phone to find my people post run! I also got little wrist bands! I think they are cute!
So there you have it folks, this is my outfit for next weekend for my big race (Jackson not included). I am excited!! 
Any other race suggestions?
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  • Reply Michelle April 27, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    you copied my running shoes……we are OVER!!

    j/k…Thursday is good for the “pretend” boyf and me…we were thinking sushi???

  • Reply Amandaaa April 27, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    the running skirts are SO
    cute. i’ve seen a few people
    on the trail with them.

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