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May 2009

Race Day Morning

I woke up this morning after a pretty restless night. I just couldn’t  get comfortable. I am not sure if it was the excitement of the race or what, but I just couldn’t fall asleep! I hate it when you want and need to go to sleep so badly, and then you just can’t! The worst! I woke up this morning at 5:15am, rearing to go! I made myself another Amazing Grass drink. This one was chocolate, and it wasn’t as exciting because I didn’t have it in a fancy glass with ice. It was a green monster on the go!

mas pics 819mas pics 817   

I went down to the hotel breakfast buffet and there were lots of people eating and getting ready for the race! I had an English muffin, with barney butter topped with bananas! The perfect pre-race meal! I love pb and bananas! I got a muffin too, but didn’t eat it. It definitely hits the spot. I wasn’t very hungry, but I ate it all because I needed the fuel for the big race!

mas pics 822

I got dressed and ready to go and was excited to hit the pavement. I looked out the window and……..TORNTIAL DOWNPOUR! It was lightening and everything! I checked the freaking weather all week and there was NO mention of rain. Every race I run in, it rains! Boo to that! And I didn’t pack any of my rain gear with me so that totally sucked. I had to swipe a trash bag from the hotel, but it kept me pretty dry while I waited. The rain was freezing. It was so cold. People we literally shaking standing in line!

mas pics 858mas pics 823

At the starting line waiting to start the race!

mas pics 860  

To be continued.

Zooma Eve Round 2: Cocktail Hour

I know I had a quickie little post last night about going to bed, but before I hit the sack, I had a little cocktail action while watching Gran Torino with Boyf. I made myself a Amazing Grass Green Super food cocktail. It hit the spot! I felt so classy drinking my green drink in a nice glass with ice! Definitely a high class green monster!

mas pics 815 mas pics 820 

While I had my green cocktail, Boyf helped himself to a Dogfishead IPA brewski, or two! We realized after he got himself a six pack that we had no way of opening the beers! So Boyf got resourceful and used the handled on the handle of the set of drawers in the room!

mas pics 773 mas pics 772mas pics 774

We are a classy bunch!

mas pics 775

Race recap is on its way!!

What I Learned From My First Half

1) Always ALWAYS be prepared for rain.  Double, triple, quadruple check the weather (even though that doesn’t do much good apparently) I had my rain gear set aside when I was packing everything last week, and I left it behind. It was rough this morning finding ziplock baggies to protect my iPod and camera and etc. I was also COLD this am, which was ZERO fun. Dc103 2) Get to the race earlier than early. It said online that we were supposed to be there by 6:15, but because of the rain, I kind of took my time because I didn’t want to stand out in the rain any longer than I had to. No matter how many times I use the bathroom before I leave, I always have to go again before I get in line for the race. And, I can always count on waiting in line for at least 15 minutes to do so. Lastly, plan for traffic.

3) Do more research on the terrain. I checked and re-checked the course route, and when I talked to people, no one told me it was going to be hilly. Well, it was. VERY hilly. And I didn’t train at all on or for hills. Seriously, the hills kicked my butt, and my quads.

4) Opt for races that go in non-circular routes. I did not enjoy going up a route, and then backtracking the same way. It was hard to focus when people were passing me, and then I was passing people. It is more fun to travel different ways, and not pass by the same thing more than once. Variety is the spice of running!

5)Run with less crap. After I put on my shoes, clothes, HRM, Garmin, iPod, Camelback, visor, carry my camera in my SPI belt, and put by Luna Moons in my pocket, I have a ton of crap weighing me down. It is hard for me to NOT run with any of this stuff because I feel I need it. Without the Garmin and HRM, I wouldn’t know my pace/time. Without my iPod, there would be no Britney rock out sessions to keep me trucking along. Without my visor, I wouldn’t have been able to see with the rain going in my eyes. I guess I could have done without the camera, but that didn’t weigh me down much. The Camelback was heavy, but I can’t NOT have water with me at all times. Its another mental thing. I don’t drink much water when I run, but I need it there. Some people were running with nothing today. No water, no music, no hat, NOTHING. How do they do it?

mas pics 830

6) Run with a friend! It was fun planning everything with the bride and talking about our different training runs was awesome. It was fun to have her family down there supporting me, and mine was down there supporting her as well. Here are a few pictures of the bride and I hanging out post race:

mas pics 850mas pics 854mas pics 836    mas pics 834

mas pics 851


7) Tie pony tail in braid when running in the rain. Why did no one tell me this? My hair was a literal rat’s nest when I finished. I had to shampoo and condition my hair 5 times to get it all de-tangled! It was definitely a hot mess! NOT cute!

mas pics 855 mas pics 856 

8) Travel with a solid support group.Knowing my boyf and mom were at the finish line made me feel really awesome. I am so thankful that they came down to Annapolis to see me complete my first Half Marathon. It was also great to have the bride and her family cheer me on too. Thanks everyone for your support!

mas pics 833 

9) Enjoy cupcakes post run! Definitely a necessity!

mas pics 837 mas pics 838

10) Post run, throw on your Recovery Socks, sit back, relax and take a nap. This all should be done while watching multiple discs of Sex and the City! At least, that’s how I spent my day!

mas pics 845

Thank you everyone in the blog world. It makes me feel so good when I get a message of support from all my readers! It has been wonderful to share my running experiences with you! You all are amazing!

Zooma Annapolis 2009 Race Recap

I did it. I completed my first Half Marathon. My secret goal time was anything under 2 hours, and I beat that! I finished in 1:53 with a pace of 8:46 minute mile! I was very proud of that. I also finished in 160th place! There were 1,100+ people in the Half Marathon race, and another 1,200+ people for the 10K. It was such a difference from the Philadelphia Broad Street Run where there were 26,000+ runners alone. I have to say that I enjoyed the Broad Street Run a lot better.  I am not sure if it was the Zooma course or weather or what. You have to like some raced better than others, right? I still look forward to the NYC and Disney Half Marathons coming up!

Here is my recap. Check out the route here.

Mile 1: I wore my trash bag for the first mile, and then threw it off to the side. I was trying to figure out how to get my Garmin Forerunner to work the lap function, while running. Did not go well, but made the first mile go by fast. I probably should have figured out how to do this before I got in line for the race, but that’s how I roll.

Miles 2-3: Going across the Severn River Bridge. I was prepared for this slight incline. It was nice to go over the bridge, but the bottom of the bridge was where the race ended, so it was rough to pass that by. Mentally I said, “See you in an hour and a half finish line!”

Miles 3-5: Sucked. My shoes were totally water logged. Definitely weighed me down. These miles were on a road, which went up and down, up and down. I was bored on the boring road, and the hills were rough. During these miles, I passed by mile markers 11 & 12. It was tough passing them by knowing I had so much farther to go still.

Miles 5-8: These miles were on the Baltimore – Annapolis Trail. It was through the woods, and there were trees on both sides, not much to look at. Luckily I had a fabulous Britney mix to get me through this trying time! Another rough part of this was that there were no spectators. Since it was in the woods/on a trail there wasn’t many places for people to go watch, but also, since the weather sucked, I am sure that affected any turnout.

Miles 8-10: We turned around at mile 8 point something and the we started to head back towards the finish line. I felt relieved to be making my way towards the end! I started to get very tired and my legs started to get sore. My shins were bothering me a lot during the entire race, but I just mentally pushed all that away. I made it to mile 10 in the same time as the Broad Street Run, so I was feeling good about that considering the Philly run was a way faster course.

Mile 11: Out of the woods! 2 more miles to go. Starting to get a little tired, and this mile was on the road again with all the ups and downs! Almost there!

Mile 12: Knowing I only had 1 (.10) miles to go I tried to pick up the pace, but my legs were struggling, and my shoes were very waterlogged, and it was just rough. There were more people on the road for this stretch, so that totally helped me mentally! Every step after mile marker 12 is a personal distance record for me, so that’s awesome too!

Mile 13: I see my family and friends in the crowd by the finish line, and pick up the pace to finish my first every half marathon!

Here are some pictures of me making my big finish:

mas pics 825 mas pics 826

Rounding the last corner:

mas pics 848

Final stretch:

mas pics 827 mas pics 828 mas pics 829 mas pics 830

Crossing the finish line:

mas pics 849 

Here is the bride in running action. She did the 10K, her first race ever. She did awesome! The running picture is a re-creation of her actual race, since my mom missed taking her picture when she passed by! They were waiting for me and decided to have some fun!

 mas pics 846 mas pics 847 

Finish Line. Boo-Ya!

mas pics 853

Here is my finishers medal. Its actually a necklace. I have to say, I like my huge  Broad Street medal a little better, but this will always have a special place in my heart to remind me of my first Half.

mas pics 859

I do like the fact that it says the date on it. That is nice.

 mas pics 858 

More race recap to come!

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