Do You Drink Enough Water?

I recently recieved a good amount of information on water, and I wanted to ‘share it with the class’ so to speak. I am sure everyone know that water is awesome for you, but I really enjoyed reading all this information, and I hope you will too. It is nice to have a reminder of all the benefits water has for us. I know sometimes I get bored of always drinking it, but this puts everything in perspective.

Water: Improve Your Energy, Lose Weight, Stay Healthy!

– Your body is 70% water. If you dont regularly restore the water lost throughout the daya nd night, your body may not be able to work at full capacity
– If you feel thirsty, it meals your body is low on water. The thirst reaction kicks in once you are dehydtrated

Water Helps Increase Your Energy!

– Water improves your metabolism and is necessary to digest food
– Water allows you to exercise longer and at a higher level
– Water replaces fluids that you lose through sweat

Water Helps Maintain Weight!

– When you dont’ drink enough water, your body senses a threat and holds on to the water it has
– When you drink enough water, your body eliminates extra fluid
– Water helps to process the high fiber foods that are an important part of healthful eating
– Water has no calories ad help you to feel full so you are less hungry

Water Can Give You That Daily Glow!

– Water rewards you with bright, clear eyes and a radiant complexion
– Drinking enough water can make any bloating or puffiness dissapear
– Water carries nutrients to every cell in your body
– Water also flushes out toxins, improves circulation and blood flow and lubricates your joints

Water is the most important nutrient in the body.

So drink up!

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  • Reply Nutritious is Delicious May 8, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    Great Post! I should totally drink more water! I needed this reminder!

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