Flip Cup Tournament

The woman’s lacrosse team I play on, Rhino Bar Lacrosse, had a Flip Cup Tournament Fundraiser last night. It. Was.Awesome. We had so much fun! Boyf and I headed over to Mich’s house to have a little pre-game fun. I started off the evening with a Solixir-tini, and I brought some to share.

mas pics 360

I started with the Awake first, to pump me up for the evening. It was good. I mixed it with some good ol’ vodka. It was quite tasty. Then Mich made a cocktail with the Relax (MY FAV.) She mixed it with some vodka, added a splash of cranberry juice and tonic water. So delish!

mas pics 361 mas pics 364 Here is team Mercy Rule! So Hardcore! We all wore blue as a team color! mas pics 365 So high school. Mich and I did this pose at every high school dance. It’s a classic.

mas pics 368 mas pics 375

Game on.

mas pics 387mas pics 376 

Ok, so here is Team Mercy Rule in the Final Game. We won every game up to this point. It was best out of 7 games. In one game. Awesome. I love this picture, everyone is having a great time, except I look like I am biting Boyf’s hand off. I am really just so excited we are winning! I am very competitive and like to win. Go hard or go home! 🙂

mas pics 381

It was neck and neck. It all came down to one cup. And we lost. Tear. We put up an awesome fight. It was such a good night. Everyone had a great time. Maybe TOO much fun. 🙂

mas pics 380  mas pics 383 

Mich and I post tournament. Boyf loved Mich’s comment: “We were the $^#! in high school” Haha. I think she is just too humble. Mich you need to come out of your shell a bit. haha. JK!

mas pics 386  So Rhino Bar is known for their Barak O Bomb. It’s a shot of Hennessy and Bailey’s into 1/2 a pint of Guinness. Probably not the best way to end a night of drinking in a flip cup tournament, but that’s how I roll. It was good, and it’s the bars signature shot. I had to do it. mas pics 392

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  • Reply Michelle May 12, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    Best night of my life. However, I wish I would have made it out a little longer…..it was bad news bears from 9-11pm. Walking across the Key Bridge took about 1 hour–hahaha.

    Had a great time Les–thanks for the invite.

    And ps. We WERE and still ARE the s***. Luv ya!

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