I Have Found My Happy Place!

Today I was so antsy to get out there and run. I was on edge all day, I just had to get out there! It was threatening rain, but not ACTUALLY raining the whole day, and wouldn’t you know it, that as soon as I stepped outside, it starts raining. It’s cool though, I made it work. I pounded out a quick 3.5 miler on the National Mall. I don’t know WHY in the world I haven’t been running out here the whole time. I have been jealous of kAtemOnster in NYC running in Central Park all the time, but we have our own mini version of that right here in DC! The best part is, part of it is sand/mini rock/stone mix. So its not concrete (which can cause pain in my legs sometimes) so that is good too! It was beautiful running there today. I made my way between the National Monument and Capitol Hill. Not many people were outside because of the weather, I just went on my merry way.

This week in D. C. it is Yoga Week, so I knew I had to incorporate that into my life sometime, and that sometimes was TODAY! It has been close to a YEAR since I have done any sort of yoga. I used to work at a Yoga Studio when I lived in Philly. THAT was my happy place. But since I have moved I haven’t been able to find any place that I like/that is convenient. Yoga week in DC offered free classes at studios around the city, and today I checked out Vida Fitness for a Group Centergy class. This class was a lovely mix of Pilates and yoga, and I very much enjoyed it. I SO need Yoga/Pilates in my life again. It stretched me out, and made me feel so much better where I had been sore from running, but it also made me work other places I wasn’t working by only running. I have to find a way to mix that into my running routine. It was awesome to be able to get a good run in, short but good, and then end it with relaxing yoga!

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  • Reply RunToFinish May 8, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    unless i make yoga a daily habit i tend to forget about it, which is sad because it does make me feel great

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