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Just Tomatoes was nice enough to send me a ‘Blogger’s Special Box’ of samples the other day, and it was full of great stuff. I got samples of Just Strawberries ‘n Bananas, Just Fruit Munches, Just Pineapple Powder, Just Raisins, and Just Veggies. This stuff is legit. The products are exactly what they say they are, NOTHING has been added. No Salt, No Sulfur, No Fat, No Sweeteners, No Preservatives It’s the next best thing to eating out of your garden” I think that is the coolest thing. Half the time these days you don’t know WHAT you are eating. I try to read the ingredients on most of my food, and if I can’t pronounce it/or know what it is, I attempt to stay away. This rule does not always apply to chocolate and/or candy. I have my weaknesses! mas pics 018

First things first, I made a smoothie with the Just Pineapple Powder. It was awesome because I didn’t have to cut up or prepare any pineapple to get the natural flavor. I used the powder, a mango, some strawberries and a banana.

mas pics 026mas pics 207 

It was SUPER thick. I am not sure if I should have added water or something, but it was very hard to suck from the straw. I really enjoyed the flavor, it was a good mix. You could really taste the pineapple. I really enjoyed it.

mas pics 209 mas pics 212

Next up I used the Just Strawberries ‘n Bananas with my yogurt for breakfast. Again, nothing added to the packet, just strawberries and bananas! I love it! This was a really good mix. It totally MADE my breakfast. The strawberries and bananas tasted so good and fresh with all of the flavor. I was surprised.

mas pics 222 mas pics 225 mas pics 224

I really enjoyed the two samples I have tried so far from Just Tomatoes. I was at Whole Foods today and I saw a whole shelf of their products (sorry, no camera with me for a picture, bad blogger!) So now I know where they are, and there is seriously SO much to choose from. They have everything you could even want in terms of fruits and vegetables. I will review the rest of the Just Tomatoes samples in the coming days!

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  • Reply ~Mrs. Guru~ May 11, 2009 at 12:54 am

    That yogurt pictured, is it any good? Also, I have had the just strawberry’s and bananas and it is one of my favorites. Love your blog!

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