Zooma Eve Round 2: Cocktail Hour

I know I had a quickie little post last night about going to bed, but before I hit the sack, I had a little cocktail action while watching Gran Torino with Boyf. I made myself a Amazing Grass Green Super food cocktail. It hit the spot! I felt so classy drinking my green drink in a nice glass with ice! Definitely a high class green monster!

mas pics 815 mas pics 820 

While I had my green cocktail, Boyf helped himself to a Dogfishead IPA brewski, or two! We realized after he got himself a six pack that we had no way of opening the beers! So Boyf got resourceful and used the handled on the handle of the set of drawers in the room!

mas pics 773 mas pics 772mas pics 774

We are a classy bunch!

mas pics 775

Race recap is on its way!!

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