Green Monster in the Morning, Pink Monster in the Evening

I have been having my green monsters pretty much every morning for a few months now, and I have been loving them! I feel like since I have been making my monsters in the morning, my juicing has cut back. Pre-green monsters, I used to come home and juice every night. My Jack La Lanne Power Juicer was my world. I was slightly obsessed. Now my current obsessions are green monsters bright and early every morning.

Tonight I brought back the juicing in full force! A vitamin c boost to be exact! Bright orange and red glory!moving 084

Strawberries and Oranges! Yum! moving 085

I like to call this one “California Dreamin’.”  I don’t know why. The orange and red just remind me of bright sunshine. It also reminds me of a California Dreaming sushi roll that I love so much. Random I know, but that’s how it goes in my head!

 moving 086moving 087

Such a beauty of a juice! This one tastes so fresh and summery! And check out all that comes out in the trash bin. Such little is wasted. I love my juicer!  moving 088

I also am lame and had breakfast for dinner. All this packing and organizing is taking over my life, and I can’t make anything too exciting for dinner. Cereal is about as good as its going to get in terms of home cooked meals for the next week or so during moving! But I do love Puffins! Dinner of champions! moving 089  

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  • Reply theangrydieter June 24, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    That "California Dreamin'" looks so good!

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