Mon Ami Gabi

Today was my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Pops! We went out to a French restaurant at Reston Town Center – Mon Ami Gabi. It was really good. The whole family went out for a fabulous meal. I started out with a nice big glass of white wine. They had this rolling cart of wine going around the restaurant and then they let me taste test a few different types. It was heaven!

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Here is the family all dolled up for the birthday meal. My mom and dad, and brother and myself.

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I started off with the soup du jour which was pretty much a cold green monster soup. I really liked it. It was yogurt, cucumber, and it had some chili pepper, which gave it some serious kick. I am not much for cold soup, but this was fabulous. Not much of a picture, but it had lots of taste and flavor.

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I also got the Endive salad which had melon and blue cheese in it. The three combination of flavors were perfect. It was exactly what I wanted. A little bit of sour, sweet and salt. I loved it.

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Then, obviously we had a birthday dessert! It was a Profiteroles which was ice cream filled pastry with fudge sauce. Complete with candle. Yum!

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5 Responses to Mon Ami Gabi

  1. Rose

    Happy Birthday to your pops!

  2. I Run for Fun

    Everything looks so perfect. Great family pic.

  3. D10

    Looks like a fun place with great food.

  4. Lacey Nicole

    oooooh that soup sounds SO GOOD!!!! i wonder how to re-create that???? or maybe i will just have to visit this place 🙂 great night!

  5. Quinn

    It is birthday month for you and the fam, huh? How did you like Mon Ami Gabi? My mom lives out that way and sometimes we stop in Reston for dinner – and I've always wondered about it.

    Have a great weekend!

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