Not “Officially”…Yet

So moving in this weekend went pretty smoothly, I can’t complain. The only rough part was moving Boyf’s stuff from his apartment to the U-Haul. He is on the third floor of a building, and that is NEVER fun. Our new place is on the first floor of a complex, and in the ‘sun room’ part of our apartment, there are two big French doors. Next to those doors behind a tree or two, is a gate and its by a parking lot. We parked the U-Haul by that gate, I was in the apartment, Boyf was in the middle, and Boyfs old roommate was passing stuff from the U-haul through the gate and over the gate to Boyf, who passed it to me inside. It was a little assembly line of glory! What took us almost 3 hours to bring down three flights of stairs took 30 minutes to get everything into the apartment. It seriously must have been a record or something.

Then we set most of the stuff up, unpacked some things, hit Ikea (twice) and got some other moving necessities. Here is a picture of me embracing our new living room carpet as well as our rather large soaking tub. Me likey the soaking tub! It is very round, very spacious on the side and it fits me perfectly! That baby is going to get USED!

photo photo 2

There was only one rough part. Post moving everything, and unpacking and being outside in the muggy rain all day, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing shower. That didn’t happen. There was no hot water in the shower. Man Down! There was hot water everywhere else, but not in the shower. It being our first night in the new place, we didn’t know who to call, and at this point it was almost midnight. Tear. I had to take a freezing icy shower at warp speed. It was not fun. I hope that is fixed by the time I ‘officially’ move in next week!

I meant to take all these “before” pictures of the bare walls and all the cool fixtures, but before I knew it, there was crap all over the place from the move, so I have no pictures of our place. I will have to do a little ‘tour’ once we get everything set up and situated. I was so sad to leave yesterday afternoon. It was my last drive back from Philadelphia to Virginia on a Sunday afternoon. All my stuff is up there, and we are getting everything together up there, and I just want to BE UP THERE so bad right now. Patience really isn’t my thing, but there is only a few more days!

We did however purchase a bottle of wine and set it up in its new home. I love the built in wine rack! <Squeal!>  Boyf and the wine are up there waiting for me to ‘officially’ move in. I can’t be more excited!

moving 082

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  • Reply ~Mrs. Guru~ June 23, 2009 at 12:28 am

    how fun and exciting!

  • Reply Texan Couture June 23, 2009 at 1:10 am

    Your place seems way awesome! I love the tub and the built in wine rack!!

  • Reply Anne June 23, 2009 at 1:56 am

    I'm glad everything went well! And that tub looks great–haha, my first thought was "ohh that'd be great for ice baths!" Geez, I'm such a runner. But I do love my hot showers, so I feel for you! That cold shower sounds awful. I hope you can get that fixed soon!

  • Reply Lacey Nicole June 23, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    oh wow you were brave to take a freezing cold shower!!! "man down" lol. 🙂 yayyyy new apt!!!

  • Reply healthy ashley June 23, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Congrats on your new place and the moving success! I am doing he same this week and it is a lot of work! Luckily neither David nor I live on a second or third floor! But I'm sure your moving process was a good workout 🙂

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