Training Change-Up

I thought I would have some ‘down time’ after my first Half Marathon, but I am wrong. 74 days and counting until the NYC Half Marathon – August 16th – Can you believe that?! I sure can’t. I was planning on taking a few days off from running this week, and then easing back into training, but I may shake things up a bit. I have been reading Run Less Run Faster: Become A Faster, Stronger, Runner with the FIRST Training Program. I was definately intrigued with some reviews I have read. Bascailly, this program focuses on 2-3 strong, hard runs a week, and the rest of the time, you get your workout in with cross-training. Biking, Elliptical, Swimming, anything and everything!

From the results of people who have used this program, they have improved their run times, which is not my ULTIMATE goal, I just want to stay strong and in shape. I am assuming this improvement comes from working out different body parts, while continuing cardio training, and sticking to consistant strong runs. I also want to integrate more weight training and yoga into my workouts. I think this will be better on my shins in the long run, and hopefully make me stronger all around. Also, I hope this will keep me from getting bored of doing the same thing all the time! Anyone else heard of this book or this program?

Rose recently went on a run, without all the crap, and it totally inspired me. She turned everything off. I run with WAY too much, I have decided. As you can see from my recent race photos, I am decked out head to toe in gear. After I put on clothes, the HRM, Garmin, Ipod + sensor, Camelback, I am so WEIGHED down. Its crazy. People ran without all the technology before, and I think it’s important to get back to that once in a while. I am going to make a point to do that more in my runs.

I know I am guilty of being a running ‘tracker.’ I track my running on my Ipod with nikeplus, using Garmin Connect, and most recently DailyMile (which everyone should totally check out and be my friend on!) There are so many ways to connect with other runners and learn new tricks of the trade. It’s definately addicting! Plus at the end of the year, it’s nice to get a ‘recap’ of how far I have come along with how far I have ran! Anyone else find themselves addicted to logging every mile?

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  • Reply D10 June 2, 2009 at 9:56 am

    There have been a few bloggers to go with the FIRST training plan. Some love it and some don’t. There are so many plans out there and so much information to take in. I really think it is just trial and error to see what works and what fits in with your life. Good luck!

  • Reply Texan Couture June 2, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Yes I love tracking my runs my mom recently bought me the nike + ipod package and I love plugging it right after my run and seeing the miles add up!

  • Reply Sarah W. June 2, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    thanks for commenting on my blog or I never would have found yours! yay another runner 🙂 (i’ve been slacking lately)…

    where do you live that you love great american resatuarnts? coastals and sweetwater are my favs. i actaully don’t care for Jacksons that much b/c the salads suck lol.

  • Reply Anne June 2, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    I’ve heard of that program, and want to try it out. I’ve found that my body doesn’t like to run too many days in a week– I’m pretty susceptible to injury.

    I just got a Garmin in April, and I love it! I’m one of those people who loves to track numbers and data from workouts. Every so often it’s nice to just go out and run, but I’m happy to see the numbers. I’m still amazed by the garmin technology!

  • Reply Charm City Kim June 4, 2009 at 11:58 am

    I just found your blog by googling the Zooma race. Congrats on your first half marathon! This was the first 10k I've ever run.

    I have to admit, that I am also obsessed with logging every mile. I'm not a fast runner but everytime Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe tell me after my run that I've run the farthest or fastest time recorded, it totally makes my day.

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