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July 24, 2009

Back to the Basics

Tonight’s dinner was taking a trip down memory lane. You know my recent obsession with peanut butter, and boyf suggested PB&J. Pure genius! He even offered to make it for me (what a guy!) so I was super pumped for a dinner made by my man! Here he is in action:

moving 733 

Peanut Butter & Jelly baby. I remember eating all of these as a kid. I don’t really know why I stopped eating them. They are so good!

moving 734 moving 735

I enjoy mine sliced diagonal. What about you? Some people are very specific about their sandwich slicing ways. I am not that picky. I will embrace a sandwich sliced down the middle too!

moving 736

Made with Love. Seriously, how yummy does that look?!

moving 737

Boyf and I also did a little science experiment tonight. It was time to change the filter in our Brita, and we taste tested water from 1) our old filter 2) our new filter and 3) tap water

moving 732

I got them all right! Woohoo! I am a water genius! I don’t know how exactly I knew they were different. I just did. Have you ever done any weird experiments like this?

I am a Dehydrating Machine!

Yesterday I busted open my Nesco Dehydrator that I got for my birthday last month. Since the move I haven’t had much time to use it, but yesterday I found some free time and dehydrated up a storm!

moving 644

First I sliced up some strawberries and one banana. I also threw some blueberries on there for good measure.

moving 636

Yum Yum! I was almost done with my blueberry and strawberry packets so I threw what I had left on the dehydrator. I also can’t believe one banana made that many slices. I could have probably sliced even more! 

moving 637 moving 638

I also used a ton of oranges that I got at Whole Foods the other day.

moving 640 moving 641

I only used 2 of the trays that came with the set. I had 2 extras. Think of all the other fun things I will be able to dehydrate! I need to go and buy more fruits and veggies!

moving 645

For the blueberries, it was a little weird. The directions for everything else was just slice it and lay it on the tray. For the blueberries, you had to put them in boiling water until they “popped”

moving 631 moving 632

This caused a serious mess. And I think I lost half my blueberries in the hot water battle.

moving 633 moving 634  

Check out all the blueberries I got. Half of them were wasted. I don’t think I did that right, but how can you screw it up? Anyone have any blueberry dehydrating suggestions?

moving 639

Check out my dehydrator in action. I wish it was square shape, it would fit better in the kitchen, but I only am going to put it out when I am using it, so I guess size doesn’t matter (in this case). The only thing about this is that it turned our apartment into a sauna. It generated A LOT of heat.

moving 642 moving 643

I started the dehydrating process around noon yesterday, and woke up this morning to dried snack fruit heaven!

  moving 721

Check out these beauties! Strawberry and banana chips, orange crisps galore! The blueberry disasters were not as fabulous.

moving 720moving 722 moving 723 moving 724 

Here is all my dehydrated loot:

 moving 726

Again, the blueberries were pretty much a disaster. Not very fabulous, and I put a whole bunch in the hot water and I apparently made like 7. Man down.

moving 727

The strawberries were pretty good. I enjoyed them. Even though the dehydrator made the apartment very hot, the strawberries made the apartment smell like fruit roll up. And I enjoyed that very much!

moving 728

My favorite out of the 4 were the banana chips. They were so fresh.

moving 729 

I made a TON of the orange slices. They were pretty good too. Some were tart, but I liked them. They had a little tang to them.

moving 730

I took a whole baggie of dried fruit with me today. I snacked on it all day, and it was fabulous!

moving 731

Anyone else out there do any dehydrating? I am looking for any tips and tricks you have! If you don’t have one of these bad boys, you should totally invest. It pretty much rocks!

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