My Version of Thai Lettuce Cups – Gotta Luv It

I was watching Rachael Ray yesterday and saw this recipe for Thai Lettuce Cups which I was super excited about. First of all, I pretty much had all the ingredients in my fridge already (winner!) second, I love lettuce wraps! Boyf and I were already marinating chicken in a Chipotle-Lime Fusion dressing/marinade from Gotta Luv It.

The wonderful Jade at Gotta Luv It sent me 3 samples of dressings/marinades – one was the Chipotle Lime Fusion, I also received a  Sweet and Tangy Italian and a Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette. All 3 dressings are all natural and very tasty! I will do additional reviews on the other dressings in the coming weeks. Jade and her husband work full time at other companies, and then do their Gotta Luv It business on the weekends and in their spare time. Such a great healthy and fun hobby! Thanks Jade for the tasty treat!

mas pics 716

Back to the lettuce wraps- The chicken was marinated in the Gotta Luv It Chipotle Lime Fusion dressing for a while to add lots of taste. The dressing is bursting with lime, smoked jalapenos, and cilantro. Yum! Boyf chopped the chicken into bite sized pieces. He is always in charge of cutting the meat!

 moving 322 moving 323

We used a wok to make this meal, because I love using a wok! They are so fun to cook with. First coat the wok, or any pan with some EVOO and then added the chicken. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and cook until golden brown on all sides.

moving 321

Rachael Ray’s version called for a red bell pepper cut into strips, but I had a green pepper in the fridge, so you got to roll with what you got! Add the pepper to the meat and cook until soft, about 3 minutes. moving 324

I then added in some chili pepper, a few squeezes of honey, and another dose of the Gotta Luv It Chipotle-Lime Fusion. I am pretty sure you can’t add too much of this stuff!moving 325

We then placed the lettuce leaves on a plate, and scooped some of the chicken mixture on each leaf. moving 326

Fold over the lettuce and enjoy! It was hard to hold the wraps together because the lettuce was a little flimsy, but it was the lettuce we had in the fridge, so we made it work! Check out Rachael Ray’s recipe here.

 moving 327  moving 329

Dessert was a bowl full of cherries. Yum! I enjoyed them while boyf and I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We have watched all 5 of the movies that are out on DVD in preparation for the Half Blood Prince movie that comes out next week. When you don’t have cable or internet, you bust out all the movies! Can’t wait to see Harry Potter next week! moving 328

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