So I had a crazy, fun, busy weekend to fill everyone in the blog world in on and then this happened tonight:

Picture 250 


Picture 251 

Boyf PROPOSED!! I will have to do a full recap of my weekend and the proposal and all that good stuff, but I wanted to share a few pictures with the blog world! Can you tell I am sort of already obsessed with my ring ?!? Stay tuned for all the juicy details! YAY!!!

Picture 253

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46 Responses to I AM ENGAGED!

  1. Julie @savvyeats

    Aww, congrats! I'm excited to hear (read?) the story!

    You can't call him the boyfriend anymore… 🙂 It took me weeks to get used to that!

    Congrats again!

  2. lesley living life

    CONGRATS!! That's very exciting! (And a beautiful ring) : )

  3. ~Mrs. Guru~

    Congrats! So exciting!

  4. Mica

    Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the story!

  5. D10

    A huge congratulations!!! How very exciting. The ring is very pretty.

  6. Carly

    Congrats! And welcome to the world of wedding planning. I think it is just so much fun. We're getting married next July and I can't wait.

    P.S. I've been engaged for over 7 months and I'm still obsessed with my ring! 🙂

  7. Ashley

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your ring is stunning! Looking forward to the details. 🙂

  8. Charm City Kim

    That is AWESOME! Congrats! I love the ring (and your artful photos of it).

  9. Ashley Lauren

    It's gorgeous!!!!!!

    Best wishes 🙂 I can't wait to read about the proposal and your planning process!

  10. Betsy

    Ahhh! Congratulations!!

  11. Lacey Nicole

    🙂 congrats!!!!

  12. Suzie


  13. Sarah W.

    congrats! that ring is GORGEOUS! princess cut I think??? omg LOVE LOVE.

    formerly sarawithanhishealthy.wordpress.com

  14. Grace

    Gorgeous ring! Congratulations! 😀

  15. Emily

    OMG girl!! Congrats!!!! I'll bet you're on cloud 9!!!

  16. RunToTheFinish

    WOHOOOO Congrats!!!

  17. Megan @ Megzz Wins At Life

    That is amazing girl!! Beautiful ring!!! I feel like a lot of people got engaged this weekend!!


    YAYYYYYY!!!! Congrats – so exciting! Cant wait to read about the proposal!!!! WAHOO!


    PS – ring is GORGEOUS!!!

  20. Genesis

    CONGRATULATIONS! so happy for you!

  21. Lindsay

    Congrats! I can't wait to hear the story!

  22. Missy

    Congrats!!! Yay! And that is the prettiest ring ever!

  23. Julia

    Oh wow that is beautiful! Congratulations; I'm so excited for you!

  24. Maddy

    OMG Congrats! Your ring is stunning!

  25. Tracey- TropicalHappiness.com

    CONGRATULATIONS! Your ring is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! How exciting!!!! I got engaged last August and married this past May… (I'll be posting some wedding pics on my blog soon… I haven't finished getting them all together yet!)

    DEFINITELY check out http://www.weddingbee.com if you haven't… it is GREAT for wedding planning ideas!!!

    Congrats again… I can't wait to hear the proposal story!

  26. healthy ashley


    Thanks so much for pausing to share it with us! The ring is gorgeous- I'd be obsessed with it too! Yay!

  27. Chic Runner

    Congrats! that is so exciting! Hooray!

  28. RhodeyGirl

    what a perfect end to a great weekend (followed via twitter).

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! How's Jackson handling it?

  29. Megan

    Yayyy!! So exciting! i like how I'm commenting as we're chatting. haha Let me know if you need any help with wedding planning!

  30. andrea

    Congratulations, how exciting!!

  31. Meg @ Be Fit Be Full

    I just found your blog from healthy savvy shopaholic's…And wow – what a beautiful ring! Congrats! I'm off to read more now!

  32. Jenny

    I literally just fell off my seat AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 100000 MILLION CONGRATS GIRL!

  33. ~ Kelly Ann ♥

    Congrats sweetie!!!!!! Beautiful ring

  34. Living and Loving in L.A.

    Congratulations! You lucky girl! I'm so happy for you! Your ring is gorgeous!!!

  35. MoraPiggy

    Yay, congratulations!
    Beautiful ring.

  36. Lindsey @ Sound Eats

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous ring. 🙂

  37. Whitney@whitsgettingfit

    OMG!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!!!!

  38. Anne

    Congrats!! That's so exciting, and what a beautiful ring! 😀

  39. theskinnyplate

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The ring is absolutely, stunningly gorgeous.

  40. Dori

    GORGEOUS ring!!! Congrats!!

  41. mgaltier


  42. Eliza


  43. Mo Diva

    I should link my boyfriend so he could take notes!

    Your ring is STUNNING!

  44. Jules

    Congratulations!! Your ring is stunning and the photos you took are beautiful. You must be so excited 🙂

  45. amanda

    that is SOOOO exciting. i don't blog for a few days-and holy crap-you go and get engaged. how exciting! ahhh. GORGEOUS!

  46. Antique Wedding Bands

    That's exciting! and a beautiful ring

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