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I have a bit of a backlog of posts due to this past exciting week, so I wanted to post everything in order, so please bear with me! Last Friday (before the proposal) boyf and I spent the weekend in Hershey, PA. We got up there early on Friday afternoon and didn’t really know what to do with our time. Luckily, after some exploration with the Hotel’s brochure wall, we decided to do a few wine tours!

September 2009 009

There were a few wineries in the area, and we wanted to hit whatever we could before everything closed on Friday night. We started off at Nissley Vineyards

September 2009 034

We did a little tour around the estate and it was really cool. Check out the vineyards and the grapes on the vine!!

September 2009 010 September 2009 011

Me, posing for pictures for the blog, and boyf learning!

September 2009 015 September 2009 016

After a little tour, it was time for some tasting!

September 2009 017 September 2009 018

We were given a list of all the wines available and got to pick 6 each to taste for free! You got to love that!

September 2009 020September 2009 019

After our wine tasting and wine purchasing (i think we got 2 bottles) we went outside and walked around the grounds for a bit.

September 2009 021

Jackson enjoyed rolling around in the field.

September 2009 023 September 2009 028September 2009 025

Jackson also enjoyed running around the field with boyf!

September 2009 029 September 2009 030

I was rockin’ my awesome cowboy boots!

September 2009 032

After our fabulous tasting and tour at Nissley, we headed on to the next stop on our wine route! Jackson enjoyed the ride on boyfs lap!

September 2009 035 September 2009 036

We enjoyed some awesome scenery.

September 2009 037

Next stop, Waltz Vineyards!

September 2009 058 September 2009 059

Waltz Vineyard was a lot newer than Nissley. They have only been around for about a year, but they had a really good selection.

September 2009 038

We tasted another 6 wines here. They were all really good, especially the reds. We ended up purchasing another bottle!

September 2009 040September 2009 039

They had some great views inside the winery.

September 2009 041

Barrels of wine!

September 2009 046September 2009 045

Our little family! September 2009 049

I am kind of obsessed with this picture! I love the background. September 2009 050

Waltz Vineyards vines September 2009 052

The grapes here were totally different color than at Nissley!

September 2009 051 Jackson and I and the grapes. Love. September 2009 054

After Waltz, we hit the road and headed towards our next and final wine destination.

September 2009 057

Finally we hit up Cullari Vineyards and Winery

September 2009 060

Cullari had some fun decor.

September 2009 061

And here is where the tasting magic happened.

September 2009 062

This was another fabulous tasting! Each winery had such different types of wine with different tastes! They were all so good. I love going around to all sorts of different wineries! It was a blast!

September 2009 063

We got another 3 bottles from Cullari (1 is a gift!), so I think that means we got 6 total (5 for us!). Lots of wine drinking in our future!

September 2009 064

Have you ever been on a wine tour? Tell me where!

What is your favorite wine? I used to ONLY drink white (specifically pinot grigio) but lately i have been on a serious pinot noir kick! Loving it!! Share some wine love!

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  • Reply MoraPiggy October 11, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    Love the boots.

    I've always wanted to go to a vineyard. I've been wine tasting, but not out to the fields.

  • Reply Jeri October 12, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    I used to be a strictly reisling girl, but now I loooove pinot noir. Nom nom. 🙂

  • Reply C.J. October 16, 2009 at 9:35 am

    Great post Leslie!
    Have had Nissley, but not the others – I will have to venture out farther toward Hershey one day!
    My FAV winery (I hung out there so often, I started working there too!) is Twin Brook Winery in Gap, PA. You MUST do the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail if you have not already – and make us one of your stops! Check out our events on our facebook fan page, and maybe read my new blog:

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