Lazy Man’s Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!! We started off this morning and realized we had a pumpkin but we didn’t carve it yet! I forgot that I had this Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin decorating thing from Target so we decorated the pumpkin with that! Fiancé used his new drill to make some of the holes. It was our ‘Lazy Man’s Pumpkin’

pics 627 

I think it turned out quite nice!   pics 632

Jackson liked it too pics 633

Tonight we were keeping it pretty low key. We had a few friends stop by for dinner and some others stopped by for drinks. I made some chili for our guests to enjoy on this rainy night in Philly.   

It contained my favorite mixture of peppers, onions, corn, beans, petite diced tomatoes and garbanzo beans! Yum!

pics 637pics 638

The bulk of the chili had turkey meat in it, but I also added some of the Red Pepper Sausage from Applegate Farms.

pics 636 

I also added some Dei Fratelli sauce to the mix.

  pics 640

And some Coors Light. I always add some beer to my chili.

pics 639 

Some rice on the bottom, some cheese and sour cream on the top and some Miguel’s chips on the side.

 pics 641

It was chili perfection. I had it in the crock pot for a few hours today. That always makes it so much better!

pics 642pics 643 

And then Taylor Swift and Kanye West stopped by!! They were on their way to another party, but I was pumped (and star struck) that I got to see them! They were fighting over the MTV VMA, obviously.

pics 648

Since it was Halloween and I had celebs in my house I decided to bust open some Scary Berry Cosmos

pics 645

They turned out quite tasty (after a little alteration to the recipe)  and then the VMA Award started to scare Jackson!

    pics 644pics 649

As I type this the Phillies game is still on and just took a turn for the worse! Ahhh! I hope they turn it around!

I have been chugging water for a while (in my pumpkin cup!) because I am making a little voyage up to NYC tomorrow for the Marathon! Aileen is running the NYC Marathon (her first marathon) and I am going to be a marathon bandit and run 6 miles or so with her to keep her focused and pumped and chugging along! I am pretty much going to be her personal entertainment/water fetcher/pacing assistant and I couldn’t be more excited to run part of the marathon with one of my best friends! She is a machine and is going to be awesome!

So stay tuned for some tales from the NYC Marathon from a Marathon Bandit. I was recently informed that a bandit is someone that runs in races without a bib, which will be me tomorrow! Ha! Follow me on twitter tomorrow for updates!!

pics 628

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  • Reply Kate November 1, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    I can't believe Taylor Swift stopped by! She looked awesome!

  • Reply Jenny November 1, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    haha I love your "Mr. Potato Head" method of pumpkin carving — so clever!

    oh Tay and Kanye — look at you rubbing elbows with the rick and famous 😉

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