It’s Crunch Time

Another crazy day in my little world! I still find myself double checking what day it actually is on the calendar. I have caught myself to be believing it was Tuesday today, when it’s been Wednesday all day. I still feel all screwed up when it comes to the days of the week, ever since Thanksgiving! My clock is all out of whack!

Anywho, ever since I finally figured out what day it actually was, things have been non-stop. I attended my last Biology lab this morning. It’s so exciting to have my first semester back to school wrapping up! Time sure has flown by the last few months.

After lab I went straight to work for a few hours, then came home, sold a couch on craigslist (finance and I upgraded) did a little homework and then I realized I was starving for dinner. Since my Only the Essentials post yesterday, I have been staring into my cabinet planning lots of different things to make. Tonight the stars of my dinner show were a box of shells and white cheddar (Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese) and some Applegate Farms Sweet Italian Sausage.

pics 132 

This was very similar to the last meal I made with Applegate Farms sausage a month ago. I really love the mix of the sausage with the macaroni and cheese, and the veggies are just another added bonus! I worked with what I had in the fridge – carrots, onions, cucumbers and corn. Random, but yummy!

pics 134

I let the sausage cook for a bit and then threw in the veggies. The sweet Italian sausage had a fabulous taste to it! It gave the meal exactly what it would have been missing otherwise – some added flavor!  pics 135     I enjoyed my lovely meal on top of a pile of Chemistry homework and study notes. I have a big Chemistry test and a Biology quiz bright and early in the a.m., but then I am done with classes (except for 2 finals) – hooray!

pics 140 

It was a very yummy and comforting meal, perfect for nights before big tests with lots of studying!

pics 142

Back to the grind for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be  done with classes and school for the next month. SO PUMPED!

And the winner of the Drymax Socks Giveaway is:

Steel Springs!

Email me what socks you want and your size and they will be on their way to you! Stay tuned for 3 more Drymax socks giveaways coming your way and another very exciting giveaway in the morning!

Doesn’t it feel like Thursday?? Seriously, I am all over the place!

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