Falafel Stuffed Pitas with Cucumber Yogurt Dipping Sauce

After my recent grocery trip, I had big plans for dinner tonight! The star of the show was going to be this Fantastic Whole Foods All Natural Falafel mix that I had found in the back of my pantry!

wicked 134

Other than the falafel mix, the rest of my ingredients included – a big bag of spinach, 1 cucumber, some garlic, plain non-fat yogurt, lemon juice and some pita pockets.

wicked 133 

I mixed the falafel mix with some water and it was all set!

wicked 135

Next I had to form little 1’  balls from the mix.

wicked 136 

Then I had to brown the balls in a frying pan.

  wicked 140

Once they were all browned and crispy, they were ready to go!

wicked 141

While the balls were browning away, I made the cucumber yogurt dipping sauce. It was super easy. I just combined the non-fat plain yogurt with a half of a cucumber cut up into small bits. I also added 1 garlic clove, some lemon juice and some pepper. This sauce is amazing. I think it would make a great dressing too! I am loving it!

wicked 138

Once everything was ready for eating, I set the table up pretty.

wicked 142

Falafel balls were crunchy and glorious.

 wicked 143

I also chopped up some onion and peppers to add to the pita.

 wicked 144

I also added some spinach for stuffing in the pita too.

 wicked 145

My pita pocket was stuffed full of deliciousness.

  wicked 147

The sauce really made a huge difference in the flavor. It was so light, refreshing and cucumber-y! I loved it.

wicked 148

I have some leftover falafel balls to have for lunch this week, so I am pumped about that. This was a super delicious meal!

Have you ever had falafel? Do you eat them any other ways than in a pita? Let me know if you have any other sauce recommendations too!

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  • Reply Jenny January 25, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    ah this is such a greek inspired meel. Opahhh!

  • Reply Rose January 25, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Ooh! I love falafel!

  • Reply FoodCents January 26, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    I LOVE falafel.

    I grate my cucumber up for the sauce and use a little onion powder, in addition to what you listed. I also like to throw in some feta cheese to ensure maximum food-gasm. Sometimes I use hummus in place of the yogurt/yoghurt sauce, or in addition to.

    I often bake my falafel (end up being more patty shaped) and they freeze rather well.

  • Reply Tiff January 26, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    I love falafel! I usually buy the Casbah brand of mix. It's the only mix that I've had success making. I put them in pitas with tziki sauce, lettuce shreds, tomato and onion.

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