Too Busy To Blog!

Today was crazy. I woke up bright and early and pounded out a nice little 3 mile run. I wanted to run another mile or so but I made the mistake of not eating breakfast before the run, so after a few miles, I was Hangry!

Do you have to eat something before a run? I usually have half a bar or something small right before a run for fuel. Not too much or I will feel off. It’s a thin line between eating too much and/or eating too little before exercising!

Fiancé and I went on another registry mission today. We went to Macy’s and were there all afternoon. It was just as much fun, but just as crazy as last time! We also stopped by Beth, Bath and Beyond on the way home too! It was a busy day of shopping!

We are having trouble finding everyday plates and bowls. If you have any suggestions or words of wisdom on picking that stuff out, please let me know! We have been to 3 different places and haven’t really found anything that we love. We did pick out fine china today which was exciting! I am kind of in love with the pattern! It’s so prettyyyyy!

I will leave you with some pictures of Jackson in the snow from this past week. It was the perfect amount of snow for him because this time he could actually walk through it. Last time the snow was towering over him!

Snow 641

Snow 642Snow 643

Have I told you lately that Jackson seriously needs a haircut? He looks like a completely different dog with short hair. I love his fluffiness, but he totally can’t see!

Snow 648

In other news, my bouquet of red roses from Valentine’s Day have all died except one lone ranger. I put the single rose in a wine bottle that we saved because it was wine we purchased from our engagement weekend. I love the look of a single red rose.

Snow 651Snow 652

Now Jackson has a puppy plate date with his girlfriend, Ruby. We are puppy sitting while watching the Villanova game on TV (GO ‘CATS!) These two crazy pups are having a lovely time together.

Snow 675

Snow 672Snow 674

Sorry for the random post, it’s been a very random day! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

1 week until the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

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10 Responses to Too Busy To Blog!

  1. ~Mrs. Guru~

    Awe, look at all that snow! Love it!

  2. Travel Eat Love

    Oh my gosh – cute puppies make me melt! I am actually writing a "running frustrations" post right now. I have been running for 17 yrs and still can't find a balance of too hungry or too full before running!
    When we got married, we got plates and bowls from Macy's, but ultimately we love the Food Network white square plates and bowls from Kohl's. They can be microwaved without being SUPER hot like our original plates got!

  3. Carly

    We have had the same problem finding everyday dishes! I don't know what it is. I either find a shape I like or the color I want, but never together! My FI really wanted white dishes (which I think is boring), but we decided to go with white dishes and accessorize our kitchen with the color we want.

  4. Jenny

    ah Jackson never fails to melt my heart!!! stay warm (and calm!) my dear 🙂 xoxo

  5. Nutritious is Delicious

    Jackson and his g/f are one super cute couple! Have a great Sunday! 😀

  6. Jacqui

    We got out everyday stuff at Target and I still love it 3 years later!

  7. FoodCents

    Jackson and Ruby look great together, LOVE it!!!

  8. Sarah

    I usually eat 2/3 of whatever "breakfast" i'm eating before I go workout – doesnt matter if its lifting weights or running – NEED FUEL. a banana isn't sufficient

    everyday plates = FIESTAWARE – they come HIGHLY recommended and many many colors. alot of restuarants use them b/c they are extremely durable.

  9. Caroline

    My husband and I went with this very basic dinnerware set from Crate and Barrel: The dinner plates are huge though and haven't completely fit in all of our apartments' cabinets.

  10. ladypurpl

    Love that Jackson and Ruby is a cutie pie too! I'm glad that Jackson has a friend! The snow looks so beautiful and calming in our hectic world.

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