Disney’s HollyWood Studios

So yesterday, after all the Princess Half Marathon excitement, our day was just beginning. Sure we had  been up since 3:15 am, and just ran 13.1 miles, but we had Park Hoppers to use, so we hit the parks!

You better believe I wore my medal all day!

disney 219

Since we had been to Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Magic Kingdom already, the last park out our list to hit up was Hollywood Studios.

Side Note: Does anyone know when they changed the name from MGM? Last year when I was down here I had no idea what Hollywood Studios was. I was searching for MGM all over the place so confused! When did they change the name & WHY did they change it?

  disney 232

I love all the Disney parks. They are all so different and so much fun. I feel like Epcot and Hollywood Studios offer the most entertainment for people my age. There are more fun rides and attractions for an older crowd here. It’s always a good time!

disney 233

First ride on the agenda – Rock’n Roller Coaster!

Do you enjoy my awesome air guitar?

disney 221 

Clearly, from this picture, we had a blast!

disney 229

I love when the ride starts off by blasting you so fast! This picture of Michele and I is seriously priceless.

 disney 230

Next up – The Tower of Terror! I am not a fan of rides that take you up high and drop you. My fear of heights comes into play there, but this one isn’t so bad. Maybe it’s because you are inside most of the time, with just a few peeks outside as you are plummeting down.

 disney 220

I love when you get a little mini tour of the hotel and the ghosts!

disney 223


 disney 224 

Check me out in this picture:

disney 226

I am in serious blogger mode on this ride! Camera out and at the ready!

  disney 228

Another favorite aspect of Hollywood Studios is the Pixar area. I am a big fan of all the Pixar films, so this part of the park is always extra fun for me.

disney 234

I even got to take a picture with one of the soldiers from Toy Story! I love these guys, they are freakin’ hilarious. They were around mile 11 during the Half Marathon cheering everyone on.

 disney 235 

After we hit up a few rides and did a little tour of the park, it was seriously time for lunch! I had the best meal at the park this time. I got an awesome grilled veggie sandwich on this killer olive roll. It was amazing, served with a generous side of fries which were just what this Half Marathoner needed mid day! Yum!

disney 237

After lunch Michele and I went to digest and to watch the Toy Story Block Party Bash. I saw this last year, along with the American Idol Parade (I loved seeing Carrie Underwood!) so I knew it was a lot of fun. It was nice to sit down and enjoy the show.

disney 238

Disney does such a good job with their parades.

 disney 239

disney 240

All the Pixar movies have such great characters in them. We got to see a bunch of them during this parade. The Toy Story cast in the picture above, Mr. Potato Head and Monster’s Inc., below.

disney 241disney 242

I even got to see the Incredibles and my favorite – Boo!

  disney 244disney 243 

After rocking out at the parade, we hit up another show – The Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show. They do such a good job with this as well. It was cool to see some fun stunts and car chases.

disney 008 disney 246

We even learned a few tricks of the trade!

   disney 249disney 250

Next up – the classic Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular!  This is another fun show to watch too.

disney 252disney 254

Very entertaining!

 disney 255disney 257

We had fast passes to go on Toy Story Mania and plans to watch the Fantasmic! Show later that evening, but as the day went on we got more and more tired. It had been a long day for us, so we decided to call it quits. We had lots of fun in all the parks. I always enjoy my time at Disney.

I can’t wait to come back again soon!

What’s your favorite thing to do at Hollywood Studios?

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  • Reply Jacqui March 9, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Hope your trip was as fun as it looked! And what they changed the name of MGM??

  • Reply J March 9, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Congratulations on the Princess Half! I found your blog when I was searching for race reports on the Broad Street Run (I am running it this year). AND I'm running Zooma Annapolis! Love your race reports.

    I think they changed it with Disney and MGM Studios parted ways–I remember them suing each other but not exactly why. And now that Disney has more "content" of their own via Pixar, they weren't so reliant on the MGM Studios name.

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